Chou,Chia-Fu / Research Fellow


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Chu, Yung-Ann / 886-2-2789-8364

Research Interest


  • 2007- Adjunct Research Fellow, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica
  • 2006- Adjunct Research Fellow, Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica
  • 2005-Adjunct Faculty, Harrington Department of Bioengineering, Arizona State University
  • 2003-2005Associate Professor & Principal Investigator, Co-Founder, Center for Applied NanoBioscience at Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
  • 2001-2002Principal Staff Scientist, Micro-Technologies Research Lab, Motorola Labs
  • 2000-2001 Lead Scientist, Micro-Technologies Research Lab, Motorola Labs
  • 1997-2000Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Departments of Physics and Molecular Biology, Princeton University


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Lai Chih-Yu, Weng Jui-Hong, Shih Wei-Li, Chen Lin-Chi, Chou Chia-Fu, Wei Pei-Kuen, 2019, “Diffusion impedance modeling for interdigitated array electrodes by conformal mapping and cylindrical finite length approximation”, Electrochimica Acta, 320 134629. (SCI) (IF: 5.116; SCI ranking: 17.9%)

  • [2]     Pan Ming-Yang, Yang Deng-Kai, Lai Chih-Yu, Weng Jui-Hong, Lee Kuang-Li, Chen Lin-Chi, Chou Chia-Fu, Wei Pei-Kuen, 2019, “Spectral contrast imaging method for mapping transmission surface plasmon images in metallic nanostructures”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 142 111545. (SCI) (IF: 8.173; SCI ranking: 6.9%,2.5%,5%,7.1%,15.2%)

  • [3]     P. Teerapanich, M. Pugnière, C. Henriquet , Y. L. Lin , A. Naillona, P. Josepha, C. F. Chou, T. Leichle*, 2018, “Nanofluidic fluorescence microscopy with integrated concentration gradient generation for one-shot parallel kinetic assays”, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 274, 338-342. (SCI) (IF: 5.401; SCI ranking: 7.9%,10.3%,3.4%)

  • [4]     D.K. Yang, C.F. Chou, L.C. Chen*, 2018, “Selection of Aptamers for AMACR Detection from the DNA Libraries with Different Primers”, RSC ADVANCES, 8, 19067. (SCI) (IF: 3.108; SCI ranking: 35.5%)

  • [5]     A. Rohani, B. J. Sanghavi, A. Salahi, K. T. Liao, C. F. Chou, N. S. Swami*, 2017, “Frequency-selective electrokinetic enrichment of biomolecules in physiological media based on electrical double-layer polarization”, NANOSCALE, 9, 12124-12131. (SCI) (IF: 7.367; SCI ranking: 8.4%,14.9%,8.8%,12.7%)

  • [6]     F. T. Chien, P. K. Lin, W. Chien, C. H. Hung, M. H. Yu, C. F. Chou, Y. L. Chen*, 2017, “Crowding-facilitated macromolecular transport in attractive micropost arrays”, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7, 1340. (SCI) (IF: 4.259; SCI ranking: 15.6%)

  • [7]     P. Teerapanich, M. Pugnière, C. Henriquet , Y. L. Lin , C. F. Chou, T. Leichle*, 2017, “Nanofluidic Fluorescence Microscopy (NFM) for real-time monitoring of protein binding kinetics and affinity studies”, BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 88, 25-33. (SCI) (IF: 7.78; SCI ranking: 8.2%,5.6%,3.4%,2.6%,12.6%)

  • [8]     K. K. Sriram, S. Nayak, C.F. Chou*, A. Erbe*, 2017, “10-nm Deep, Sub-Nanoliter Fluidic Nanochannels on Germanium for Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared (ATR-IR) Spectroscopy”, ANALYST, 142, 273-278. (SCI) (IF: 3.885; SCI ranking: 15.8%)

  • [9]     R. Fernandez, B. Sanghavi, V. Farmehini, J. Chavez, J. Hagen, N. Kelley-Loughnane, C.F. Chou, N. Swami*, 2016, “Aptamer-functionalized graphene-gold nanocomposites for label-free detection of dielectrophoretic-enriched neuropeptide Y”, ELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, 72, 144–147. (SCI) (IF: 4.396; SCI ranking: 17.2%)

  • [10]     C. Sharma, A.K. Dinda, P.D. Potdar, C.F. Chou, N.C. Mishra *, 2016, “Fabrication and characterization of novel nanobiocomposite scaffold of chitosan–gelatin–alginate–hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering”, Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, 64, 416–427. (SCI) (IF: 4.164; SCI ranking: 27.3%)

  • [11]     J.P. Shen and C.F. Chou* , 2016, “Morphological Plasticity of Bacteria − Open Questions”, Biomicrofluidics, 10(3), 031501. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

  • [12]     Y.L. Lin, Y.J. Huang, P. Teerapanich, T. Leichlé, C.F. Chou* , 2016, “Multiplexed immunosensing and kinetics monitoring in nanofluidic devices with highly enhanced target capture efficiency”, Biomicrofluidics, 10(3), 034114. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

  • [13]     A. Rohani, W. Varhue, K.T. Liao, C.F. Chou, N.S. Swami* , 2016, “Nanoslit design for ion conductivity gradient enhanced dielectrophoresis for ultrafast biomarker enrichment in physiological media”, Biomicrofluidics, 10, 033109. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

  • [14]     B.J. Sanghavi, J.A. Moore, J.L. Chávez, J.A. Hagen, N. Kelley-Loughnane, C.F. Chou, N.S. Swami, 2016, “Aptamer-functionalized nanoparticles for surface immobilization-free electrochemical detection of cortisol in a microfluidic device”, BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 78, 244–252. (SCI) (IF: 7.78; SCI ranking: 8.2%,5.6%,3.4%,2.6%,12.6%)

  • [15]     P. Spuul, P.Y. Chi, C. Billottet, C.F. Chou*, E. Genot* , 2016, “Microfluidic devices for the study of actin cytoskeleton in constricted environments: Evidence for podosome formation in endothelial cells exposed to a confined slit”, METHODS, 94, 65–74. (SCI) (IF: 3.802; SCI ranking: 30.7%,26.9%)

  • [16]     Y.H Su, P.C. Chiang, L.J. Cheng, C.H. Lee, N.S. Swami*, C.F. Chou* , 2015, “High aspect ratio nanoimprinted grooves of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) control the length and direction of retraction fibers during fibroblast cell division”, Biointerphases, 10, 041008. (SCI) (IF: 2.603; SCI ranking: 57.6%,45.2%)

  • [17]     B.J. Sanghavi, W. Varhue, A. Rohani, K.T. Liao, L. Bazydlo, C.F. Chou*, N. S. Swami* , 2015, “Ultrafast immunoassays by coupling dielectrophoretic biomarker enrichment on nanoslit molecular dam with electrochemical detection on graphene”, Lab Chip, 15, 4563-4570. (SCI) (IF: 6.045; SCI ranking: 7.7%,15.1%,20.7%)

  • [18]     T. Leichlé and C.F. Chou* , 2015, “Biofunctionalized Nanoslit Sensors for Wash-Free and Fast Real-Time Sensing with Spatiotemporally Resolved Kinetics”, Biomicrofluidics, 9, 034103. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

  • [19]     C. F. Chou*, P. K. Wei, and Y. L. Chen , 2014, “Preface to Special Topic: Selected Papers from the Advances in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2014 Conference in Honor of Professor Hsueh-Chia Chang's 60th Birthday”, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 051901. (SCI) (IF: 2.571; SCI ranking: 54.3%,32.3%,43%,47.2%)

  • [20]     K. K. Sriram, C.L. Chang, U. R. Kumar, C.F. Chou*, 2014, “DNA Combing on Low-Pressure Oxygen Plasma Modified Polysilsesquioxane Substrates For Single-Molecule Studies”, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 052102. (SCI) (IF: 2.571; SCI ranking: 54.3%,32.3%,43%,47.2%)

  • [21]     J. P. Shen, C. F. Chou* , 2014, “Bacteria under the Physical Constraints of Periodic Micro-Nanofluidic Junctions Reveal Morphological Plasticity and Dynamic Shifting of Min Patterns”, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 041103 (Fast Track Article). (SCI) (IF: 2.571; SCI ranking: 54.3%,32.3%,43%,47.2%)

  • [22]     K.K. Sriram, J.W. Yeh, Y.L. Lin, Y.R. Chang, C.F. Chou*, 2014, “Direct Optical Mapping of Transcription Factor Binding Sites on Field-stretched λ-DNA in Nanofluidic Devices”, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 42, e85. (SCI) (IF: 11.561; SCI ranking: 3.4%)

  • [23]     B. Sanghavi, W. Varhue, J. Chávez, C.F. Chou, N. S. Swami* , 2014, “Electrokinetic preconcentration and detection of neuropeptides at patterned graphene-modified electrodes in a nanochannel”, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 86 (9), 4120–4125. (SCI) (IF: 6.042; SCI ranking: 4.9%)

  • [24]     C. Lin, E. H.-L. Chen, L. Y.-L. Lee, R. L. Hsu, F. Y. Luh, L. L. Yang, C. F. Chou, L. D. Huang, C. C. Lin, R. P.-Y. Chen*, 2014, “Comparison of the anti-amyloidogenic effect of O-mannosylation, O-galactosylation, and O-GalNAc glycosylation”, CARBOHYDRATE RESEARCH, 387, 46–53. (SCI) (IF: 2.074; SCI ranking: 49.1%,43.1%,70.6%)

  • [25]     S. Gautam, C. F. Chou, A. K. Dinda, P. D. Potdar, N. C. Mishra* , 2014, “Fabrication and Characterization of PCL/Gelatin/Chitosan Ternary Nanofibrous Composite Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications”, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 49, 1076–1089. (SCI) (IF: 2.993; SCI ranking: 29.5%)

  • [26]     L. Lesser-Rojas, P. Ebbinghaus, G. Vasan, M. L. Chu, A. Erbe*, C. F. Chou*, 2014, “Low-Copy Number Protein Detection by Electrode Nanogap-Enabled Dielectrophoretic Trapping forSurface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Electronic Measurements”, NANO LETTERS, 14(5), 2242–2250. (SCI) (IF: 12.08; SCI ranking: 11.9%,10.9%,6.2%,8.8%,6.7%,7.5%)

  • [27]     S. Gautam, C. F. Chou, A. K. Dinda, P. D. Potdar, N. C. Mishra*, 2014, “Surface Modification of Nanofibrous Polycaprolactone/Gelatin Composite Scaffold by Collagen I Grafting for Skin Tissue Engineering”, Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, 34, 402–409. (SCI) (IF: 5.08; SCI ranking: 18.2%)

  • [28]     L. Lesser-Rojas, K. K. Sriram, K.T. Liao, S.C. Lai, P.C. Kuo, M.L. Chu, C.F. Chou*, 2014, “Tandem array of nanoelectronic readers embedded coplanar to a fluidic nanochannel for correlated single biopolymer analysis”, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 016501. (SCI) (IF: 2.571; SCI ranking: 54.3%,32.3%,43%,47.2%)

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  • [31]     V. Chaurey, F. Block, Y.H. Su, P.C. Chiang, E. Botchwey, C.F. Chou, N.S. Swami*, 2012, “Nanofiber size-dependent sensitivity of fibroblast directionality to the methodology for scaffold alignment”, Acta Biomaterialia, 8, 3982–3990. (SCI) (IF: 6.383; SCI ranking: 5.1%,9.1%)

  • [32]     Kuo-Tang Liao, Chia-Fu Chou*, 2012, “Nanoscale molecular traps and dams for ultrafast protein enrichment in high-conductivity buffers (Featured in JACS Spotlights)”, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 134 (21), 8742−8745. (SCI) (IF: 14.357; SCI ranking: 4.7%)

  • [33]     Jia-Wei Yeh, Alessandro Taloni, Yeng-Long Chen, Chia-Fu Chou*, 2012, “Entropy-driven single molecule tug-of-war of DNA at micro-nanofluidic interfaces (Research Highlighted by Nature)”, NANO LETTERS, 12 (3), 1597–1602. (SCI) (IF: 12.08; SCI ranking: 11.9%,10.9%,6.2%,8.8%,6.7%,7.5%)

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Chapters in Books

  • [1]     Chi Pei-Yin, Spuul Pirjo, Tseng Fan-Gang, Genot Elisabeth*, Chou Chia-Fu*, Taloni Alessandro*, 2019, “Cell Migration in Microfluidic Devices: Invadosomes Formation in Confined Environments”, editor(s): Caterina A. M. La Porta and Stefano Zapperi, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, pp. 79-103, Switzerland: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

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