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  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, USA


Sam, Svetlana CY. / 886-2-2789-8386

Research Interest

  • Field Theories, Cosmology
  • Particle Physics
  • Non-equilibrium Physics
  • Digital Physics and Digital Cosmology


(1) 國內學術研究獎項 2016 「第八屆吳大猷科學普及著作獎」銀籤獎


  • Research Fellow
  • UCLA, Visiting Professor
  • SLAC , Visiting Scholar
  • Associate Fellow, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
  • Associate Professor, Chen Yuan University
  • Postdoc, University of Southampton, England


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Eyo Eyo Ita III, Chopin Soo and Hoi Lai Yu, 2021, “Intrinsic time gravity, heat kernel regularization, and emergence of Einstein’s theory”, 2021 Class. Quantum Grav. 38 035007, 38, 035007. (SSCI)

  • [2]     Eyo Eyo Ita III, Chopin Soo and Hoi Lai Yu, 2018, “Gravitational waves in Intrinsic Time Geometrodynamics”, Eur.Phys.J.C 78 (2018) 9, 723, 78(9)-723. (SSCI)

  • [3]     Eyo Eyo Ita lll, Chopin Soo and Hoi-Lai Yu, 2018, “Cosmic time and reduced phase space of general relativity”, Phys.Rev.D 97 (2018) 10, 104021, D97(10), 104021. (SSCI)

  • [4]     H Y Cheng, C. Y. Cheung, G. L. Lin, Y. C. Lin, T. M. Yang, H. L. Yu,, 2016, “Heavy-Flavor-Conserving Hadronic Weak Decays of Heavy Baryons”, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, 03, 028. (SCIE) (IF: 6.063; SCIE ranking: 10.3%)

  • [5]     Eyo Eyo Ita III, Chopin Soo and Hoi-Lai Yu, 2015, “Intrinsic Time Quantum Geometrodynamics”, Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys., 083E01. (SCIE) (IF: 2.039; SCIE ranking: 27.8%,51.7%)

  • [6]     Chopin Soo and Hoi-Lai Yu, 2015, “New Commutation Relations for Quantum Gravity”, Chinese J. Phys., 53卷,110106-1. (SCIE) (IF: 0.514; SCIE ranking: 84.8%)

  • [7]     Chopin Soo and Hoi Lai Yu, 2014, “General Relativity without paradigm of space-time covariance, and resolution of the problem of time”, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 013E01. (SCIE) (IF: 2.29; SCIE ranking: 51.7%,29.5%)

  • [8]     Niall O ́ Murchadha, Chopin Soo, Hoi Lai Yu, 2013, “Intrinsic time gravity and the Lichnerowicz-York equation”, CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY, 30, 095016. (SCIE) (IF: 3.283; SCIE ranking: 41.4%,16.7%,31.8%)

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  • [10]     Jen-Tsung Hsiang, L. H. Ford, Da-Shin Lee and Hoi-Lai Yu, 2011, “Quantum Modi cations to Gravity Waves in de Sitter Spacetime”, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 83, 084027. (SCIE) (IF: 4.394; SCIE ranking: 24.1%,22.7%)

  • [11]     C.H. Chou and H.L. Yu, 2010, “Digital Origin of Cosmic In ation”, MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A, 25, 1483. (SCIE) (IF: 1.308; SCIE ranking: 69.7%,86.2%,49.1%,80%)

  • [12]     Chung-Hsien Chou, Chopin Soo, Hoi-Lai Yu, 2007, “Black holes and Rindler superspace: Classical singularity and quantum unitarity”, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 76, 084004. (SCIE) (IF: 4.394; SCIE ranking: 24.1%,22.7%)

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  • [14]     Yu HL, 2003, “Consistent factorization and twist-3 contributions to the polarized nucleon structure function g(2)(x, Q(2))”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A, 18(8), 1469-1472. (SCIE) (IF: 1.291; SCIE ranking: 85%,89.7%)

Books Edited

  • [1]     中華民國重力學會,2015,《相對論百年故事》,共258頁,Taiwan:Lotus。


(1) 西元年:2013
研究人員(英):YU, HOI-LAI, Chopin Soo
研究成果名稱(英):Intrinsic time gravity and the Lichnerowicz-York equation
簡要記述(中):我們提出從共軛的動量 及度規 中分離岀一個可作為一切演化的內藴 (intrinsic) 時間及其共軛能量後,GR只雖要動量約束,便能把動力參數約化到只剩2個自由度,剛好是重力的自由度數目。這樣一來GR原本的哈密頓密度可寫成 .
量子重力便可得岀 Schrodinger方程,這是百年來研究者首次能推導一次時間微分的量子重力方程。我們的量子化方案一方面改變了研究者對GR的了解,一方面提出一具體可行的量子重力方案,進一步推廣GR加入一致的可重整化6維算子。

簡要記述(英):We investigate the the effect on the Hamiltonian structure of general relativity of choosing an intrinsic time to fix the time slicing. 3-covariance with momentum constraint is maintained, but the Hamiltonian constraint is replaced by a dynamical equation for the trace of the momentum. This reveals a very simple structure with a local reduced Hamiltonian. The theory is easily generalised; in particular, the square of the Cotton-York tensor density can be added as an extra part of the potential while at the same time maintaining the classic 2 + 2 degrees of freedom. Initial data construction is simple in the extended intrinsic time formulation; we get a generalised Lichnerowicz- York equation with nice existence and uniqueness properties. Adding standard matter fields is quite straightforward.
Niall O ́ Murchadha, Chopin Soo, Hoi Lai Yu, 2013, “Intrinsic time gravity and the Lichnerowicz-York equation”, CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY, 30, 095016. (SCIE) (IF: 3.283; SCIE ranking: 41.4%,16.7%,31.8%)
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