Ou,Min-Nan / Assistant Research Scientist


Contact Information


  • Ph. D., Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University
  • M. S., Department of Physics, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • B. S., Department of Physics, National Sun Yat-sen University


Tseng, Yu-Ping / 886-2-2789-6754

Research Interest

  • Low temperature physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Superconductor and magnetic materials, High efficiency thermoelectric materials, Nano Science


  • Research Assistant, Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica
  • Visiting Scholar, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
  • Assistant Professor, Soochow University
  • Research Specialist, Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Ranganayakulu K. Vankayala, Tian-Wey Lan, Prakash Parajuli, Fengjiao Liu, Rahul Rao, Shih Hsun Yu, Tsu-Lien Hung, Chih-Hao Lee, Shin-ichiro Yano, Cheng-Rong Hsing, Duc-Long Nguyen, Cheng-Lung Chen, Sriparna Bhattacharya, Kuei-Hsien Chen, Min-Nan Ou, Oliver Rancu, Apparao M. Rao, and Yang-Yuan Chen, 2020, “High zT and Its Origin in Sb‐doped GeTe Single Crystals”, ADVANCED SCIENCE, 2020, 2002494. (SCIE) (IF: 15.84; SCI ranking: 46.2%,84.8%)

  • [2]     T.-W. Lan, K.-H. Su, C.-C. Chang, C.-L. Chen, C.-L. Chen, M.-N. Ou, D.-Z. Wu, P.M. Wu, C.-Y. Su, M.-K. Wu, Y.-Y. Chen, 2020, “Enhancing the figure of merit in thermoelectric materials by adding silicate aerogel”, Materials Today Physics, 13 (2020), 100215. (SCIE) (IF: 10.443; SCI ranking: 8.4%,8.3%)

  • [3]     Shih-Hsun Yu, Tsu Lien Hung, Min-Nan Ou* , Mitch M. C. Chou*, Yang-Yuan Chen*, 2019, “Zero Cu valence and superconductivity in high-quality Cu_{x}Bi_{2}Se_{3} crystal”, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 100, 174502. (SCIE) (IF: 3.575; SCI ranking: 33.4%,31.9%,25.2%)

  • [4]     Mohanraman Rajeshkumar, Lan Tian-Wey, Hsiung Te-Chih, Amada Dedi, Lee Ping-Chung, Ou Min-Nan, Chen Yang-Yuan, 2015, “Engineering Nanostructural Routes for Enhancing Thermoelectric Performance: Bulk to Nanoscale”, Frontiers in Chemistry, 3, 1-9. (SCIE) (IF: 3.693; SCI ranking: 32.2%)

  • [5]     P. C. Lee, M. N. Ou, Z. W. Zhong, J. Y. Luo, M. K. Wu, K. Chen, Y. Y. Chen, 2013, “Effect of Grain Boundary on Thermal Conductivity of CuFeSe2 Thin Films”, CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 51, 166-173. (SCIE) (IF: 2.638; SCI ranking: 35.3%)

  • [6]     Ou M. N., Gofryk K., Baumbach R. E., Stoyko S. S., Thompson J. D., Lawrence J. M., Bauer E. D., Ronning F., Mar A., Chen Y. Y., 2013, “Hole doping effect on superconductivity in Ce(Co1−xRux)In5”, Physical Review B, 88(19), 195134-1-195134-5. (SCIE) (IF: 3.575; SCI ranking: 33.4%,31.9%,25.2%)

  • [7]     Lee P. C., Ou M. N., Luo J. Y., Wu M. K., Chen Y. Y., 2012, “Cross-plane Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity of CuFeSe2 thin film”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1449, 405-408.

  • [8]     Gofryk K., Ronning F., Zhu J.-X., Ou M. N., Tobash P. H., Stoyko S. S., Lu X., Mar A., Park T., Bauer E. D., Thompson J. D., Fisk Z., 2012, “Electronic Tuning and Uniform Superconductivity inCeCoIn5”, Physical Review Letters, 109(18), 186402-1-186402-5. (SCIE) (IF: 8.385; SCI ranking: 7.1%)

  • [9]     Yang C D, Hsu H C, Tseng W Y, Chen H C, Ku H C, Ou M N, Chen Y Y, Hsu Y Y, 2011, “Superconductivity in Sr(Pd1−xNix)2Ge2”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 273, 012089.

  • [10]     M. N. Ou, T. J. Yang, and Y. Y. Chen, 2009, “Anisotropic Magnetism and Magnetoresistance in Iron Nanowire Arrays”, CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 47, 847-852. (SCIE) (IF: 2.638; SCI ranking: 35.3%)

  • [11]     Ou M. N., Yang T. J., Harutyunyan S. R., Chen Y. Y., Chen C. D., Lai S. J., 2008, “Electrical and thermal transport in single nickel nanowire”, Applied Physics Letters, 92(6), 063101. (SCIE) (IF: 3.597; SCI ranking: 23.9%)

  • [12]     Chen Y. Y., Huang P. H., Ou M. N., Wang C. R., Yao Y. D., Lee T. K., Ho M. Y., Lawrence J. M., Booth C. H., 2007, “Kondo Interactions and Magnetic Correlations inCePt2Nanocrystals”, Physical Review Letters, 98(15), 157206-1-157206-4. (SCIE) (IF: 8.385; SCI ranking: 7.1%)

  • [13]     Ou M.N., Yang T.J., Chen B.J., Chen Y.Y., Ho J.C., 2007, “Superconducting transition parameters in aluminum–lithium alloys (0–10 at.% Li)”, Solid State Communications, 142(8), 421-424. (SCIE) (IF: 1.521; SCI ranking: 68.1%)

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Chapters in Books

  • [1]     Yang-Yuan Chen, Cheng-Lung Chen, Ping-Chung Lee and Min-Nan Ou, 2011, “Fabrication, Charaterization and Thermal Properties of Nanowires”, editor(s): Abbass A. Hashim, nanowires-fundamental research, pp. 23, Online publish: IntechOpen.

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