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Rao, Cindy / 886-2-2789-8916

Research Interest


  • Postdoc, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
  • Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica (2004-2011)
  • Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (2011-Current)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, National Central University (2005-2011)


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Cheng-Nan Yang, Li-Syuan Liang, Keng-hui Lin, Wen-Yea Jang, 2019, “The mechanical properties of monodisperse foam scaffolds”, Composites Part B: Engineering, 164, 517-523. (SCI)

  • [2]     Lin Han-Yuan, Chu Li-An, Yang Hsuan, Hsu Kuo-Jen, Lin Yen-Yin, Lin Keng-Hui, Chu Shi-Wei, Chiang Ann-Shyn, 2019, “Imaging through the Whole Brain of Drosophila at λ/20 Super-resolution”, iScience, 14, 164-170.

  • [3]     Doss BL, Rahmani Eliato K, Lin KH, Ros R, 2019, “Quantitative mechanical analysis of indentations on layered, soft elastic materials”, Soft matter, 15(8), 1776-1784. (SCI) (IF: 3.889; SCI ranking: 11.4%,26.7%,19.3%,11.6%)

  • [4]     Guo-wei Jheng, Sung Sik Hur, Chia-ming Chang, Jia-Shing Cheng, Hsiao-hui Lee, Bon-chu Chung, Yang-kao Wang, Keng-hui Lin, Juan C. del Alamo, Shu Chien, Jin-wu Tsai*, 2018, “Lis1 dysfunction leads to traction force reduction and cytoskeletal disorganization during cell migration.”, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 497(3), 869-875. (SCI) (IF: 2.466; SCI ranking: 52.1%,56.6%)

  • [5]     Han J, Lin KH, Chew LY, 2017, “Study on the regulation of focal adesions and cortical actin by matrix nanotopography in 3D environment.”, Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal, 29(45), 455101.

  • [6]     Chen-chie Wang, Kai-chiang Yang, Keng-hui Lin, Yen-liang Liu, Ya-Ting Yang, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Ing-Ho Chen, 2016, “Expandable Scaffold Improves Integration of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage: An In Vivo Study in a Rabbit Model.”, TISSUE ENGINEERING, 22(11-12), 873-84. (SCI) (IF: 3.485; SCI ranking: 44.2%,26.9%,48.4%)

  • [7]     Chen-en Wu, Keng-hui Lin, Jia-yang Juang, 2016, “Hertzian load-displacement relation holds for spherical indentation on soft elastic solids undergoing large deformations”, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 97, 71-76. (SCI) (IF: 2.903; SCI ranking: 13.8%)

  • [8]     Yin-Ping Lo, Yi-Shiuan Liu, Marilyn G. Rimando, Jennifer Hui-Chun Ho, Keng-hui Lin and Oscar K. Lee*, 2016, “Three-dimensional spherical spatial boundary conditions differentially regulate osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells”, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6, 21253. (SCI) (IF: 4.259; SCI ranking: 15.6%)

  • [9]     Wen-Ting Hsieh, Yi-Shuan Liu, Yi-hsuan Lee, Rimando, Marilyn Rimando, Keng-hui Lin*, Oscar K. Lee*, 2016, “Matrix dimensionality and stiffness cooperatively regulate osteogenesis of mesenchymal stromal cells”, ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, 32, 210. (SCI) (IF: 6.319; SCI ranking: 3.9%,6.1%)

  • [10]     Bishnubrata Patra, Yu-Sheng Peng, Chien-Chung Peng, Wei-Hao Liao, Yu-An Chen, Keng-Hui Lin, Yi-Chung Tung, Chau-Hwang Lee, 2014, “Migration and vascular lumen formation of endothelial cells in cancer cell spheroids of various sizes”, Biomicrofluidics, 8(5), 052109. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

  • [11]     Chen-chie Wang, Kai-Chiang Yang, Keng-hui Lin, Chang-chin Wu, Yen-liang Liu, Feng-Huei Lin, Ing-ho. Chen, 2014, “A biomimetic honeycomb-like scaffold prepared by flow-focusing technology for cartilage regeneration.”, Biotechnology and bioengineering, 111(11), 2338-48. (SCI) (IF: 4.481; SCI ranking: 14.4%)

  • [12]     Thai-Yen Ling, Yen-Liang Liu, Yung-Kang Huang, Sing-Yi Gu, Hung-Kuan Chen, Choa-Chi Ho, Po-Nien Tsao, Yi-Chung Tung, Huei-Wen Chen, Chiung-Hsiang Cheng, Keng-Hui Lin, Feng-Huei Lin, 2014, “Differentiation of lung stem/progenitor cells into alveolar pneumocytes and induction of angiogenesis within a 3D gelatin--microbubble scaffold.”, Biomaterials, 35(22), 5660-9. (SCI) (IF: 8.402; SCI ranking: 3%,2.6%)

  • [13]     Yi-hsuan Lee, Jung-ren Huang, Yang-kao Wang, and Keng-hui Lin*, 2013, “Three-dimensional fibroblast morphology on compliant substrates of controlled negative curvature ”, Integrative Biology, 5(12), 1447. (SCI) (IF: 3.252; SCI ranking: 49.5%)

  • [14]     Yung-Shin Sun, Shih-Wei Peng, Keng-Hui Lin, and Ji-Yen Cheng, 2012, “Electrotaxis of lung cancer cells in ordered three-dimensional scaffolds”, Biomicrofluidics, 6(1), 14102. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

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  • [17]     Jing-ying Lin, Wan-jung Lin, Wei-hong Hong, Hsiang-haw Ning, Wei-chun Hung, Stephanie H. Nowotarski, Susana Montenegro Gouveia, Ines Cristo, and Keng-hui Lin*, 2011, “Morphology and organization of tissue cells in 3D microenvironment of monodisperse foam scaffolds”, SOFT MATTER, 7, 10010. (SCI) (IF: 3.889; SCI ranking: 11.4%,26.7%,19.3%,11.6%)

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  • [19]     Chi-chih Ho, Tung-wu Hsieh, Hsiang-Hsi Kung, Wen-Tau Juan, Keng-Hui Lin, and Wei-Li Lee, 2010, “Reduced Saturation Magnetization in Cobalt Antidot Thin Films Prepared by polyethylene oxide-assisted self-assembly of polystyrene nanospheres”, Applied Physics Letter, 96, 122504.

  • [20]     Kuo-yuan Chung, Narayan Chandra Mishra, Chen-chi Wang, Feng-hui Lin, and Keng-hui Lin*, 2009, “Fabricating Scaffolds by Microfluidics”, Biomicrofluidics, 3(2), 022403. (SCI) (IF: 2.535; SCI ranking: 25.8%,50.6%,46.2%,49.3%)

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  • [1]     林耿慧,2005,〈膠體粒子的布朗運動〉,《物理雙月刊》,第 27 卷 3 期 470-474。

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