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  • Ph. D., Department of Physics, Duke University
  • M. Sc., Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University
  • B. S., Department of Atmospheric Science, National Central University


Tseng, Yu-Ping / 886-2-2789-6754

pin [at]

Research Interest

  • quantum transport, quantum phase transition,1D and 2D quantum system, topological superconductivity


  • Postdoctoral Researcher, QuTech, Delft University of Technology


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Zhang Gu, Chung Chung-Hou, Ke Chung-Ting, Lin Chao-Yun, Mebrahtu Henok, Smirnov Alex I., Finkelstein Gleb, Baranger Harold U., 2021, “Nonequilibrium quantum critical steady state: Transport through a dissipative resonant level”, Physical Review Research, 3(1), 013136.

  • [2]     Kulesh Ivan, Ke Chung Ting, Thomas Candice, Karwal Saurabh, Moehle Christian M., Metti Sara, Kallaher Ray, Gardner Geoffrey C., Manfra Michael J., Goswami Srijit, 2020, “Quantum Dots in an InSb Two-Dimensional Electron Gas”, Physical Review Applied, 13(4), 041003. (SCIE) (IF: 4.985; SCI ranking: 22.5%)

  • [3]     Ke C. T., Draelos A. W., Seredinski A., Wei M. T., Li H., Hernandez-Rivera M., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Yamamoto M., Tarucha S., Bomze Y., Borzenets I. V., Amet F., Finkelstein G., 2019, “Anomalous periodicity of magnetic interference patterns in encapsulated graphene Josephson junctions”, Physical Review Research, 1(3), 033084.

  • [4]     Ke Chung Ting, Moehle Christian M., de Vries Folkert K., Thomas Candice, Metti Sara, Guinn Charles R., Kallaher Ray, Lodari Mario, Scappucci Giordano, Wang Tiantian, Diaz Rosa E., Gardner Geoffrey C., Manfra Michael J., Goswami Srijit, 2019, “Ballistic superconductivity and tunable π–junctions in InSb quantum wells”, Nature Communications, 10(1), 1-6. (SCIE) (IF: 14.919; SCI ranking: 5.5%)

  • [5]     Wei M. T., Draelos A. W., Seredinski A., Ke C. T., Li H., Mehta Y., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Yamamoto M., Tarucha S., Finkelstein G., Amet F., Borzenets I. V., 2019, “Chiral quasiparticle tunneling between quantum Hall edges in proximity with a superconductor”, Physical Review B, 100(12), 121403. (SCIE) (IF: 4.036; SCI ranking: 38.7%,25.6%,31.9%)

  • [6]     Draelos A. W., Silverman A., Eniwaye B., Arnault E. G., Ke C. T., Wei M. T., Vlassiouk I., Borzenets I. V., Amet F., Finkelstein G., 2019, “Subkelvin lateral thermal transport in diffusive graphene”, Physical Review B, 99(12), 125427. (SCIE) (IF: 4.036; SCI ranking: 38.7%,25.6%,31.9%)

  • [7]     Draelos Anne W., Wei Ming Tso, Seredinski Andrew, Ke Chung Ting, Mehta Yash, Chamberlain Russell, Watanabe Kenji, Taniguchi Takashi, Yamamoto Michihisa, Tarucha Seigo, Borzenets Ivan V., Amet François, Finkelstein Gleb, 2018, “Investigation of Supercurrent in the Quantum Hall Regime in Graphene Josephson Junctions”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 191(5-6), 288-300. (SCIE) (IF: 1.57; SCI ranking: 74.4%,76.8%)

  • [8]     Seredinski Andrew, Draelos Anne, Wei Ming-Tso, Ke Chung-Ting, Fleming Tate, Mehta Yash, Mancil Ethan, Li Hengming, Taniguchi Takashi, Watanabe Kenji, Tarucha Seigo, Yamamoto Michihisa, Borzenets Ivan V., Amet François, Finkelstein Gleb, 2018, “Supercurrent in Graphene Josephson Junctions with Narrow Trenches in the Quantum Hall Regime”, MRS Advances, 3(47-48), 2855-2864.

  • [9]     Borzenets I. V., Amet F., Ke C. T., Draelos A. W., Wei M. T., Seredinski A., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Bomze Y., Yamamoto M., Tarucha S., Finkelstein G., 2016, “Ballistic Graphene Josephson Junctions from the Short to the Long Junction Regimes”, Physical Review Letters, 117(23), 237002. (SCIE) (IF: 9.161; SCI ranking: 8.1%)

  • [10]     Ke Chung Ting, Borzenets Ivan V., Draelos Anne W., Amet Francois, Bomze Yuriy, Jones Gareth, Craciun Monica, Russo Saverio, Yamamoto Michihisa, Tarucha Seigo, Finkelstein Gleb, 2016, “Critical Current Scaling in Long Diffusive Graphene-Based Josephson Junctions”, Nano Letters, 16(8), 4788-4791. (SCIE) (IF: 11.189; SCI ranking: 11.2%,13.6%,9.5%,14%,9.4%,15.9%)

  • [11]     Amet F., Ke C. T., Borzenets I. V., Wang J., Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Deacon R. S., Yamamoto M., Bomze Y., Tarucha S., Finkelstein G., 2016, “Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime”, Science, 352(6288), 966-969. (SCIE) (IF: 47.728; SCI ranking: 2.7%)

  • [12]     Li Jinghua, Ke Chung-Ting, Liu Kaihui, Li Pan, Liang Sihang, Finkelstein Gleb, Wang Feng, Liu Jie, 2014, “Importance of Diameter Control on Selective Synthesis of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”, ACS Nano, 8(8), 8564-8572. (SCIE) (IF: 15.881; SCI ranking: 7.8%,7.4%,6.3%,10.3%)

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