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  • Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh


Rao, Cindy / 886-2-2789-8916

cindy14 [at]

Research Interest

  • Firing in Neural Net


(1) 國內學術研究獎項 1993-08 國科會傑出研究獎
(2) 國內學術研究獎項 1991-08 國科會傑出研究獎


  • Postdoc, CEA-Scalay, France
  • Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Ravi Kumar, Yu-Ting Huang, Chun-Chung Chen, Shun-Fen Tzeng, Chi-Keung Chan*, 2020, “Astrocytic Regulation of Synchronous Bursting in Cortical Cultures: From Local to Global”, Cerebral Cortex Communications, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2020, tgaa053,, 1(1).

  • [2]     Chou Po-Yu, Chiang Wei-Yin, Chan C. K., Lai Pik-Yin, 2020, “Dynamics of beating cardiac tissue under slow periodic drives”, Physical Review E, 101(1). (SCIE) (IF: 2.529; SCI ranking: 35.3%,14.5%)

  • [3]     Yu-Ting Huang, Yu-Lin Chang, Chun-Chung Chen, Pik-Yin Lai, C. K. Chan, 2017, “Positive feedback and synchronized bursts in neuronal cultures”, PLOS ONE, 12(11): e0187276, 1-19. (SCIE) (IF: 3.24; SCI ranking: 35.6%)

  • [4]     Le Duy-Manh, Lin Y. T., Yang Y. H., Lai Pik-Yin, Chan C. K., 2017, “Cardiac alternans reduction by chaotic attractors in T ±ϵ feedback control”, EPL (Europhysics Letters), 117(5), 50001-p1-p6.

  • [5]     Chen Kevin Sean, Chen Chun-Chung, Chan C. K., 2017, “Characterization of Predictive Behavior of a Retina by Mutual Information”, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 11, 1-9. (SCIE) (IF: 2.38; SCI ranking: 46.6%,78%)

  • [6]     Chih-Hsu Huang, Yu-Ting Huang, Chun-Chung Chen and C. K. Chan, 2016, “Propagation and synchronization of reverberatory bursts in developing cultured networks”, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE, s10827-016-0634-4. (SCIE) (IF: 1.621; SCI ranking: 77.6%,91.6%)

  • [7]     Shiuan-Ni Liang, Duy-Manh Le, Pik-Yin Lai and C. K. Chan, 2016, “Ionic characteristics in cardiac alternans suppression using T ± ǫ feedback control”, Europe Physics Letters, 115, 48001p1-48001p6.

  • [8]     Ying-Jen Yang, Chun-Chung Chen, Pik-Yin Lai, and C. K. Chan, 2015, “Adaptive synchronization and anticipatory dynamical systems”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 92, 030701,030701-1:4. (SCIE) (IF: 2.529; SCI ranking: 35.3%,14.5%)

  • [9]     Yu-Ting Huang, Cin-He Chang, Pik-Yin Lai, and C. K. Chan, 2015, “Effects of Glia on the Synchronized Bursting in Cultured Neuronal Networks”, CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, VOL. 53, NO. 4 080902-1:14. (SCIE) (IF: 3.237; SCI ranking: 33.7%)

  • [10]     Song Hao, C. C. Chen, Z. J. Sun, Pik-Yin Lai, C. K. Chan, 2014, “Reconstruction of network structures from repeating spike patterns in simulated bursting dynamics”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 90, 012703. (SCIE) (IF: 2.529; SCI ranking: 35.3%,14.5%)

  • [11]     Song Chen, Na Li, S. F. Hsu, Jiazheng Zhang, Pik-Yin Lai, C. K. Chan, Wei Chen, 2014, “Intrinsic Fluctuations of cell migration under different cellular densities”, SOFT MATTER, 10(19):3421-5. (SCIE) (IF: 3.679; SCI ranking: 46.9%,43.8%,26.7%,28.6%)

  • [12]     Wei-Yin Chiang, Pik-Yin Lai1a and Chi-Keung Chan, 2013, “Frequency enhancement in coupled noisy excitable elements: effects of network topology”, THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 86(327),1-14. (SCIE) (IF: 1.5; SCI ranking: 79.7%)

  • [13]     Mao-Xiang Wang, Yu-Jung Li, Pik-Yin Lai, C. K. Chan, 2013, “Model on cell movement, growth, differentiation and de-differentiation: Reaction-diffusion equation and wave propagation”, The European Physical Journal E, 36(65),1-18. (SCIE) (IF: 1.89; SCI ranking: 81.5%,75.3%,65%,72.5%)

  • [14]     S. Sridhar,1 Duy-Manh Le, Yun-Chieh Mi, Sitabhra Sinha, Pik-Yin Lai, and C. K. Chan, 2013, “Suppression of cardiac alternans by alternating-period-feedback stimulations”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 87(4),042712-1-042712-8. (SCIE) (IF: 2.529; SCI ranking: 35.3%,14.5%)

  • [15]     Wei-Chang Lo, H. C. Hong, H. J. Choi, Pik-Yin Lai*, and C. K. Chan, 2011, “Stretching and migration of DNA by solvent elasticity in an oscillatory flow”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 84, 021802. (SCIE) (IF: 2.529; SCI ranking: 35.3%,14.5%)

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Books Authored

  • [1]     Yan Min, Chen Yiko, Chan C. K., Wong K. Y. Michael, 2018, Neural Information Processing, 246-257 pages, Germany: Springer.

  • [2]     Chen Chun-Chung, Chen Kevin Sean, Chan C. K., 2017, Active Prediction in Dynamical Systems, 632-638 pages, Germany: Springer.

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