Huang,Jung-Ren / Assistant Research Scientist


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ajrhuang [at]




Rao, Cindy / 886-2-2789-8916

Research Interest

  • Soft matter physics, rheology, fluid dynamics, physics of interfaces, instrument development
  • Soft materials: soft and/or biological colloidal suspensions, e.g., emulsions and RBCs, lipid bilayer membranes, polymer solutions, surfactants; structure-rheology relation of soft materials; granular materials; physics of interfaces; light scattering techniques, rheometry


  • 2017-Current: Senior Assistant Research Scientist, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
  • 2010-2017: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University
  • 2010-2011: Consultant, Material and Chemical Research Laboratory, Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • 2006-2009: Postdoctoral scholar, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California-Los Angeles
  • 1999-2006: Teaching and research assistant, Department of Physics, University of Chicago
  • 1997-1999: Research assistant, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Kiwing To*, Yun Yen, Yi-Kai Mo, Jung-Ren Huang, 2019, “Granular flow from silos with rotating orifice”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 100, 012906. (SCIE) (IF: 2.284; SCIE ranking: 12.7%,38.7%)

  • [2]     Jung-Ren Huang*, Yu-Che Cheng, Hung Ji Huang, Hai-Pang Chiang*, 2018, “Confocal mapping of myelin figures with micro-Raman spectroscopy”, Applied Physics A, 124(1), 58. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 1.455; SCIE ranking: 63.5%,64.7%)

  • [3]     C.-J. Chen, J.-R. Huang*, I.-S. Hwang, H. J. Choi, P.-Y. Lai, C. K. Chan*, 2017, “Effect of degassing on the aggregation of carbon nanotubes dispersed in water”, EPL (Europhysics Letters), 120(1), 16004. (SCIE, Scopus)

  • [4]     Chih-Tang Liao, Yi-Fan Wu, Wei Chien, Jung-Ren Huang*, Yeng-Long Chen*, 2017, “Modeling shear-induced particle ordering and deformation in a dense soft particle suspension”, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29(43), 435101. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 2.678; SCIE ranking: 34.3%)

  • [5]     Y.-C. Sun, H.-T. Fei, P.-C. Huang, W.-T. Juan, J.-R. Huang*, J.-C. Tsai*, 2016, “Short granular chain under vibration: Spontaneous switching of states”, Physical Review E, 93(3), 032902. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 2.366; SCIE ranking: 10.9%,32.3%)

  • [6]     J.-C. Tsai*, C.-Y. Tao, Y.-C. Sun, C.-Y. Lai, K.-H. Huang, W.-T. Juan, J.-R. Huang, 2015, “Vortex-induced morphology on a two-fluid interface and the transitions”, Physical Review E, 92(3), 031002(R). (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 2.366; SCIE ranking: 10.9%,32.3%)

  • [7]     Yi-hsuan Lee, Jung-ren Huang, Yang-kao Wang, Keng-hui Lin*, 2013, “Three-dimensional fibroblast morphology on compliant substrates of controlled negative curvature”, Integrative Biology, 5(12), 1447. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 3.252; SCIE ranking: 49.5%)

  • [8]     Xiaoming Zhu, Michael M. Fryd, Jung-Ren Huang, Thomas G. Mason*, 2012, “Optically probing nanoemulsion compositions”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14(7), 2455. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 4.123; SCIE ranking: 26%,16.7%)

  • [9]     Jung-Ren Huang*, Thomas G. Mason*, 2009, “Deformation, restructuring, and un-jamming of concentrated droplets in large-amplitude oscillatory shear flows”, Soft Matter, 5(11), 2208. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 3.889; SCIE ranking: 11.4%,26.7%,19.3%,11.6%)

  • [10]     Jacob R. Rothenbuhler, Jung-Ren Huang, Brian A. DiDonna, Alex J. Levine, Thomas G. Mason*, 2009, “Mesoscale structure of diffusion-limited aggregates of colloidal rods and disks”, Soft Matter, 5(19), 3639. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 3.889; SCIE ranking: 11.4%,26.7%,19.3%,11.6%)

  • [11]     J.-R. Huang, T. G. Mason *, 2008, “Shear oscillation light scattering of droplet deformation and reconfiguration in concentrated emulsions”, EPL (Europhysics Letters), 83(2), 28004. (SCIE, Scopus)

  • [12]     J. -R. Huang*, 2006, “Theory of myelin coiling”, The European Physical Journal E, 19(4), 399-412. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 1.464; SCIE ranking: 69.9%,53.5%,64%,62.8%)

  • [13]     J.-R. Huang*, L.-N. Zou, T. A. Witten, 2005, “Confined multilamellae prefer cylindrical morphology”, The European Physical Journal E, 18(3), 279-285. (SCIE, Scopus) (IF: 1.464; SCIE ranking: 69.9%,53.5%,64%,62.8%)

  • [14]     Jung-Ren Huang*, Thomas A. Witten, 2002, “Universal Ratios of Characteristic Lengths in Semidilute Polymer Solutions”, Macromolecules, 35(27), 10225-10232. (SCIE) (IF: 5.835; SCIE ranking: 5.8%)

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