Chen, Chii Dong / Distinguished Research Fellow


Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Chalmers University of Technology


Chen,Yuwen / 886-2-27898372

yuwenc [at]

Research Interest

  • Fabrication, physics and applications of nanoelectronics
  • Transport Properties of Nano-Materials
  • High operating temperature single electron transistors
  • The Physics and applications pf Superconducting/Ferromagnetic nanostuctures


  • Post-dotor, NEC Fundamental Research Laboratories in Japan


Journal Papers

  • [1]     Jyun-Hong Chen, Yuan-Liang Zhong*, Lain-Jong Li, and Chii-Dong Chen, accepted, “Observation of Wigner Crystal Phase and Ripplon-Limited Mobility Behavior in Monolayer CVD MoS2 with Grain Boundary”, Nanotechnology. (SCIE) (IF: 3.874; SCI ranking: 41.4%,55.1%,27.5%)

  • [2]     Callera Aguila Myrron Albert, Esmenda Joshoua Condicion, Wang Jyh-Yang, Lee Teik-Hui, Yang Chi-Yuan, Lin Kung-Hsuan, Chang-Liao Kuei-Shu, Kafanov Sergey, Pashkin Yuri A., Chen Chii-Dong, 2022, “Fabry–Perot interferometric calibration of van der Waals material-based nanomechanical resonators”, Nanoscale Advances, 4(2), 502-509. (SCIE) (IF: 4.553; SCI ranking: 34.1%,33.6%,51.4%)

  • [3]     Adebisi Mufutau A., Chen Chii-Dong, Maaza Malik, Ronning Carsten, Manikandan Elayaperumal, Motaung David E., Christopher Phillip S., Bharuth-Ram Krish, Aliyu Nafiu S., Pillay Michael N., Moodley Mathew K., 2022, “High‐Temperature Laser‐Assisted Synthesis of Boron Nanorods, Nanowires, and Bamboo‐Like Nanotubes”, physica status solidi (a), 2200464, 2200464.

  • [4]     Laksana Pradhana Jati Budhi, Tsai Li-Chu, Lin Chang-Cheng, Chang-Liao Kuei-Shu, Moodley Mathew K., Chen Chii-Dong, 2022, “Opto Field-Effect Transistors for Detecting Quercetin–Cu2+ Complex”, Sensors, 22(19), 7219. (SCIE) (IF: 3.576; SCI ranking: 29.9%,30%,21.9%)

  • [5]     Esmenda Joshoua Condicion, Aguila Myrron Albert Callera, Wang Jyh-Yang, Lee Teik-Hui, Chen Yen-Chun, Yang Chi-Yuan, Lin Kung-Hsuan, Chang-Liao Kuei-Shu, Kafanov Sergey, Pashkin Yuri, Chen Chii-Dong, 2022, “Optoelectrical Nanomechanical Resonators Made from Multilayered Two-Dimensional Materials”, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5(7), 8875-8882. (SCIE) (IF: 5.097; SCI ranking: 30.1%,44.9%)

  • [6]     Aguila Myrron Albert Callera, Esmenda Joshoua Condicion, Wang Jyh-Yang, Chen Yen-Chun, Lee Teik-Hui, Yang Chi-Yuan, Lin Kung-Hsuan, Chang-Liao Kuei-Shu, Kafanov Sergey, Pashkin Yuri A., Chen Chii-Dong, 2022, “Photothermal Responsivity of van der Waals Material-Based Nanomechanical Resonators”, Nanomaterials, 12(15), 2675. (SCIE) (IF: 5.076; SCI ranking: 30.7%,30.7%,47.7%,21.9%)

  • [7]     Laksana Pradhana Jati Budhi, Tsai Li-Chu, Wei Tsai-Yin, Lan Pei-Chi, Chang-Liao Kuei-Shu, Moodley Mathew K., Chen Chii-Dong, 2021, “A dual function electro-optical silicon field-effect transistor molecular sensor”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9(40), 14286-14293. (SCIE) (IF: 7.393; SCI ranking: 19.3%,15.6%)

  • [8]     Chan Ming-Che, Chen Yen-Chun, Shiue Bai-Heng, Tsai Tzi-I, Chen Chii-Dong, Tseng Wei-Shiuan, 2021, “Correlation between the optical absorption and twisted angle of bilayer graphene observed by high-resolution reflectance confocal laser microscopy”, Optics Express, 29(24), 40481. (SCIE) (IF: 3.894; SCI ranking: 20.2%)

  • [9]     Esmenda Joshoua Condicion, Aguila Myrron Albert Callera, Wang Jyh‐Yang, Lee Teik‐Hui, Yang Chi‐Yuan, Lin Kung‐Hsuan, Chang‐Liao Kuei‐Shu, Katz Nadav, Kafanov Sergey, Pashkin Yuri A., Chen Chii‐Dong, 2021, “Imaging Off‐Resonance Nanomechanical Motion as Modal Superposition”, Advanced Science, 8(13), 2005041. (SCIE) (IF: 16.806; SCI ranking: 7.3%,5.4%,8.4%)

  • [10]     Chen Yen-Chun, Lin Wei-Hsiang, Tseng Wei-Shiuan, Chen Chien-Chang, Rossman George.R., Chen Chii-Dong, Wu Yu-Shu, Yeh Nai-Chang, 2020, “Direct growth of mm-size twisted bilayer graphene by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition”, Carbon, 156, 212-224. (SCIE) (IF: 9.594; SCI ranking: 16.7%,12.5%)

  • [11]     Linh-Nam Nguyen,* Wen-Hao Chang, Chii-Dong Chen* and Yann-Wen Lan, 2020, “Superior phototransistors based on a single ZnO nanoparticle with high mobility and ultrafast response time”, NANOSCALE HORIZONS, 5, 82. (SCIE) (IF: 10.989; SCI ranking: 14.2%,10.4%,15.9%)

  • [12]     Gaurav Pande, Jyun-Yan Siao, Wei-Liang Chen, Chien-Ju Lee, Raman Sankar, Yu-Ming Chang, Chii-Dong Chen, Wen-Hao Chang, Fang-Cheng Chou, and Minn-Tsong Lin, 2020, “Ultralow Schottky Barriers in Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Encapsulated Monolayer WSe2 Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 16, 18667.

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Chapters in Books

  • [1]     Cen Shawn Wu, Yoshiyuki Makiuchi and ChiiDong Chen, accepted, “High-energy Electron Beam Lithography for Nanoscale Fabrication”, editor(s): Aleksandar Lazinica, Lithography, Vienna, Austria: IN-TECH.


  • [1]     西元年:2007
    研究人員(英):CHEN, CHII-DONG, M. C. Lin, C. J. Chu, L. C. Tsai, H. Y. Lin
    研究成果名稱(英):Detection of molecular charges using Silicon-On-Insulator based nanowire Field-Effect-Transistors
    簡要記述(中):在生物與化學反應中,分子之間相互作用的機制,總是扮演著關鍵性的角色。分子反應時會有離子的交換,也因此常伴隨著分子電荷量的改變。我們發展出一種以導電量測為基礎的生物檢測方法,這是利用矽奈米細線所具有之高靈敏度的場效應電晶體(Field Effect Transistor)特性來檢測少量分子的反應。 在這實驗中,待測的單股DNA會被固定於矽奈米細線的互補單股探針DNA所捕獲,他們一起扮演著一般場效應電晶體內閘極的角色。由於DNA於溶液中帶負電荷,兩股DNA間的雜合(hybridization)作用會造成負電荷量的微小增加,這變化可以矽奈米細線的導電度變化偵測到。進一步的,由導電度的變化量可推測出有效的分子電荷變化,並推演出分子的偏極化以及排列的情況。同時由導電度隨時間的變化,可以測得DNA雜合反應的速率。同樣的實驗也可用來探測蛋白質間的反應,並得知反應機制與反應速率的資訊,這些資訊對於將來設計分子的反應將會有很重要的幫助。
    簡要記述(英):Silicon nanowire field-effect-transistors were used to detect DNA hybridization. 15A ssDNA was introduced to hybridize with the immobilized 15T DNA, and a clear increase in the wire resistance was observed. The effect of the molecular charges on the nanowires was simulated by the voltage applied on the back-gates, from which the amount of changes in the molecular charges was estimated. The increased resistance in the n-type SiNW implies an increased negative charge on the wire surface.

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