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Lis1 dysfunction leads to traction force reduction and cytoskeletal disorganization during cell migration.

GW Jheng, SS Hur, CM Chang, CC Wu, JS Cheng, HH Lee, BC Chung, YK Wang, KH Lin, JC Alamo, S Chien and JW Tsai.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 497, 869 (2018).(pdf)


The Apical Constriction Force of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) Cells.

CC Hsueh, IAP Lazarte, M Prouveur, WH Wu, YT How and KH Lin.

Biophysical Journal 114, 3 (2018).(pdf)

Study on the regulation of focal adesions and cortical actin by matrix nanotopography in 3D environment.

JJ Han, KH Lin and LY Chew.

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29, 455101 (2017).(pdf)

Expandable Scaffold Improves Integration of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage An In Vivo Study in a Rabbit Model.

CC Wang, KC Yang, KH Lin, YL Liu, YT Yang, TF Kuo and IH Chen.

TISSUE ENGINEERING: Part A 22, 11 (2016).(pdf)

Hertzian load–displacement relation holds for spherical indentation on soft elastic solids undergoing large deformations.

CE Wu, KH Lin and JY Juang.

Tribology International 97, 71 (2016).(pdf)

Matrix dimensionality and stiffness cooperatively regulate osteogenesis of mesenchymal stromal cells.

WT Hsieh, YS Liu, YH Lee, MG Rimando, KH Lin and OK Lee.

Acta Biomaterialia 32, 210 (2016).(pdf)

Three-dimensional spherical spatial boundary conditions differentially regulate osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells.

YP Lo, YS Liu, MG Rimando, JHC Ho, KH Lin and OK Lee.

Scientific Reports 6, 21253 (2016).(pdf)

Migration and vascular lumen formation of endothelial cells in cancer cell spheroids of various sizes.

B Patra, YS Peng, CC Peng, WH Liao, YA Chen, KH Lin, YC Tung and CH Lee.

Biomicrofluidics 8, 052109 (2014).(pdf)

A biomimetic honeycomb-like scaffold prepared by flow-focusing technology for cartilage regeneration.

CC Wang, KC Yang, KH Lin, CC Wu, YL Liu, FH Lin and IH Chen.

Biotechnology and Bioengineering. (in press) (2014).(pdf)


Differentiation of lung stem/progenitor cells into alveolar pneumocytes and induction of angiogenesis within a 3D gelatin – Microbubble scaffold.

TY Ling, YL Liu, YK Huang, SY Gu, HK Chen, CC Ho, PN Tsao, YC Tung, HW Chen, CH Cheng, KH Lin and FH Lin.

Biomaterials, 35, 5660 (2014).(pdf)


Three-dimensional fibroblast morphology on compliant substrates of controlled negative curvature.

YH Lee, JR Huang, YK Wang and KH Lin.

Integrative Biology. 5, 1447 (2013).(pdf)

(Featured on the back cover.)


Electrotaxis of lung cancer cells in ordered three-dimensional scaffolds.

YS Sun, SW Peng, KH Lin and JY Cheng.

Biomicrofluidics. 6 (1), 014102 (2012). (pdf)

Cartilage regeneration in SCID mice using a highly organized three-dimensional alginate scaffold.

CC Wang, KC Yang, KH Lin, YL Liu, HC Liu and FH Lin.

Biomaterials. 33 (1), 120 (2012). (pdf)

Morphology and organization of tissue cells in 3D microenvironment of monodisperse foam scaffolds.

J Lin, W Lin, W Hong, W Hung, SH Nowotarski, SM Gouveia, I Cristo and KH Lin.

Soft Matter. 7 (21), 10010 (2011). (pdf)

Fabrication of monolayer of polymer/nanospheres hybrid at a water-air interface.

CC Ho, PY Chen, KH Lin, WT Juan and WL Lee.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 3 (2), 204 (2011). (pdf)

A highly organized three-dimensional alginate scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering prepared by microfluidic technology.

CC Wang, KC Yang, KH Lin, HC Liu and FH Lin.

Biomaterials. 32 (29), 7118 (2011). (pdf)

Reduced saturation magnetization in cobalt antidot thin films prepared by polyethylene oxide-assisted self-assembly of polystyrene nanospheres.

CC Ho, TW Hsieh, HH Kung, WT Juan, KH Lin and WL Lee.

Applied Physics Letters. 96 (12), 122504 (2010). (pdf)

One-dimensional dynamics and transport of DNA molecules in a quasi-two-dimensional nanoslit.

PK Lin, KH Lin, CC Fu, KC Lee, PK Wei, WW Pai, PH Tsao, YL Chen and WS Fann.

Macromolecules. 42 (5), 1770 (2009). (pdf)

Fabricating scaffolds by microfluidics.

K Chung, NC Mishra, C Wang, F Lin and KH Lin.

Biomicrofluidics. 3, 022403 (2009). (pdf)

Assembly of microspheres with polymers by evaporating emulsion droplets.

KH Lin, L Lai, CC Chang and H Chen.

Physical Review E. 78 (4), 041408 (2008). (pdf)

Label-free detection of small-molecule–protein interactions by using nanowire nanosensors.

WU Wang, C Chen, KH Lin, Y Fang and CM Lieber.

PNAS. 102 (9), 3208 (2005). (pdf)

High-performance nanowire electronics and photonics on glass and plastic substrates.

MC McAlpine, RS Friedman, S Jin, KH Lin, WU Wang and CM Lieber

Nano letters. 3 (11), 1531 (2003). (pdf)

Field-induced structures in miscible ferrofluid suspensions with and without latex spheres.

MF Islam, KH Lin, D Lacoste, TC Lubensky and AG Yodh.

Physical Review E. 67 (2), 021402 (2003). (pdf)

Electro-optic response and switchable Bragg diffraction for liquid crystals in colloid-templated materials.

P Mach, P Wiltzius, M Megens,DA Weitz, KH Lin, TC Lubensky and AG Yodh.

Physical Review E. 65 (3), 031720 (2002). (pdf)

Template-directed convective assembly of three-dimensional face-centered-cubic colloidal crystals.

J Zhang, A Alsayed, KH Lin, S Sanyal, F Zhang, WJ Pao, VSK Balagurusamy, PA Heiney and AG Yodh.

Applied physics letters. 81 (17), 3176 (2002). (pdf)

Switchable Bragg diffraction from liquid crystal in colloid-templated structures.

P Mach, P Wiltzius, M Megens, DA Weitz, KH Lin, TC Lubensky and AG Yodh.

Europhysics Letters. 58 (5), 679 (2002). (pdf)

Entropic interactions in suspensions of semiflexible rods: Short-range effects of flexibility

AWC Lau, KH Lin and AG Yodh.

Physical Review E. 66 (2), 020401 (2002). (pdf)

Colloidal interactions in suspensions of rods.

KH Lin, JC Crocker, AC Zeri, AG Yodh.

Physical review letters. 87 (8), 088301 (2001). (pdf)

Entropically driven self–assembly and interaction in suspension.

AG Yodh, K Lin, JC Crocker, AD Dinsmore, R Verma and PD Kaplan.

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A. 359, 921 (2001). (pdf)

Entropically driven colloidal crystallization on patterned surfaces.

KH Lin, JC Crocker, V Prasad, A Schofield, DA Weitz, TC Lubensky and AG Yodh.

Physical review letters 85 (8), 1770 (2000). (pdf)