Principle Investigator

林耿慧 (Keng-hui Lin)


khlin [AT]

kenghui [AT]

(02) 27896763

Ph. D., Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania.


Current Members

Giovanni J. Paylaga

PhD student, Sep. 2015 - current

gpaylaga [AT]

M.S. Physics, Mindanao State University - IIigan Institute of Technology 

Research topic: Traction force patterns of the mesenchymal stem cells in a spherical microwell

 Marco P. de Leon

Collaborative PhD student, Sep. 2016 - current 

marcopdeleon [AT]

Research topic: Mechanical wave in amputated tailfin of zebrafish

劉又萱 (You-Hsuan Liu)

Research Assistant, Sep. 2020 - current 

c54054029 [AT]

B.S. Life sciences and Biomedical Engineering double major, National Cheng Kung University

黃柏霖 (Bor-Lin Huang)

Research Assistant, Jan. 2021 - current

sss107hhh084 [AT]

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University 

B.S. Biochemical Science & Technology, National Taiwan University

郭煦庭 (Hsu-Ting Kuo)

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Dec. 2019-current 

b08508028 [AT]

Undergraduate student, Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University


Junior Members - Little member in lab