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Gallery - KH Lin's Lab

Here is a collection of cool images and videos taken by our lab members. Also, there are some lab photos below.


Different microfluidic device producing monodisperse bubbles and their self-assembly into ordered arrays.

(Video taken by A-jay Lin.)

Bubble Coarsening. 

(Video taken by Wuen-shiu Chen.)

Patterns of bubbles in a liquid stream generated by a microfluidic device made of two concentric tapered capillary micropipettes. 


Cardiomyocytes synchronized beating in scaffold

(Video taken by Sriram Muthu Irulappan.)

flower pattern (gel buckling)

(Photo taken by Hsuan Yang.)


Live cell imaging to show the actin dynamics inside cells.

Live cell imaging showing 3T3 fibroblast migrating in scaffold.

(Video taken by Sriram Muthu Irulappan.)


Live cell imaging to show the cell division by nucleus staining.




Group Photos