The availability of positions in our group varies with time. Please contact Dr. Lin directly with the required materials (listed below) if you are interested in joining the group.

We welcome people who share our passion and fascination for soft matter physics and integrated physical biology. We recruit from a wide range of backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, material science, bioengineering, applied mathematics, and computer science, as well as mechanical, chemical, electrical, and related engineering fields. Research projects often require training in more than one field. Candidates must possess some of the following and be motivated to:

  1. Engate in independent and critical thinking
  2. Acquire good teaching and presentation skills
  3. Develop experience with quantitative analysis 
  4. Enjoy collaborating with colleagues
  5. Embrace new challenges 
  6. Be open-minded and not take criticism personally. 

English proficiency is required for all positions. Although it is not necessary to submit standardized test scores, you must demonstrate the ability to present and discuss research in English with no difficulties.

Visiting Scientists
We welcome experienced researchers to exchange ideas and work with us. Some funding may be provided for visitors.

For domestic scientists, you can apply for the short term visiting program sponsored by Academia Sinica.

Postdoctoral Researchers
Postdocs with solid academic performance and graduate research experiences are always encouraged to apply. At this moment, we are interested in candidates with backgrounds in optical imaging, mechanical engineering, soft matter physics, and strong coding and analytical skills.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter defining your interests, your research achievement, and your reasons to work in our group. Please also send a recent CV and a list of references or request that three recommendation letters be sent separately.

Postdoc candidates are encouraged to apply to the following fellowships

1. Postdoc fellowship program in Academia Sinica

2. NSF International Fellowship Program for US citizens or permanent residents

PhD Thesis Students
If you are interested in carrying out your thesis research in the Lin lab, please apply to the pertinent graduate programs such as Dept. of Physics and Institute of Biophysics at National Central University,  Institute of Genome Biology and Systems at National Taiwan University, NANO and CBMB program of Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP)
at Academia Sinica. Candidates in other PhD programs who wish to work in my lab must contact Dr. Lin directly.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter that describes your research experiences, CV, undergrad/master transcripts, and your publication records (or thesis).

Master Thesis Students
The most straightforward way is to complete a master's thesis with the Lin lab is to be a studentat at the Institute of Physics/Biophysics at National Central University. In the past, I have supervised students from various institutes, including NTU physics/applied physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and applied mechanics; NYMU immunology and microbiology, and biophotonics; NTHU physics, and material sciences.

Interested candidates should send me a CV, undergrad transcript, and a cover letter which explains why you are interested to conduct your master thesis in my lab and your plan after graduation.

Full-time Research Assistants
The training and criteria for research assistants are the same as those for PhD students. Candidates must exhibit a strong commitment to research and demonstrate a solid background in academic performance. People who can commit for more than two years are considered at high priority. The time spent in the lab can be applied toward a PhD if you decide to pursue a PhD in the lab. People with undergraduate degrees who plan to apply for graduate programs abroad within a year will not be offered full salary for the full year.

Interested candidates should send Dr. Lin a CV, reference contact information, undergrad/master transcript, master's thesis, and a cover letter that describes your goals for working in the Lin lab and how you anticipate that your experience in the Lin lab will further your career.

Part-time Undergraduate Research Assistant
These positions are for undergraduates who wish to gain research experience during their undergraduate years. Candidates must exhibit a strong commitment to research by coming to the lab for a fixed amount of time every week for at least a year.

Please send Dr. Lin your transcript and a cover letter describing your personal goals, your plan after graduation, and your expectation to work in the Lin lab.

Summer Interns
Various internship opportunities are available but only highly motivated candidates with outstanding academic backgrounds will be considered. Please send Dr. Lin your transcript, and a cover letter describing your personal goals and your expectations for working in the Lin lab over the summer.

Applicants can also apply for one of the following internship programs.

1. TIGP International Internship This fellowship is particularly important for international students who are considering pursuing their PhD research in the Lin lab.

2. NSF Summer Institutes and NSF International Research Experiences for Students (IRES)

3. NPAS Summer Internship for Undergrads

4. AS IOP Summer Internship for Undergrads

5. Taiwan Tech Track Programs