The first step: the inauguration meeting

The new partnership is built on long-standing and successful collaborations. Our core teams pioneered the special techniques required for SYNAPSE, notably x-ray phase-contrast tomography at micrometer and nanometer scale. In addition to synchrotron facilities, SYNAPSE involves more than 40 other research institutions in biology, materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering from the regional partners.

Mapping the human brain with resolution sufficient to chart the connection is an historical mission for science and technology. It is a fundamental research objective and a gateway to understand and cure brain diseases with a huge social impact. Furthermore, the enterprise will generate technological breakthroughs on imaging, computation and artificial intelligence. Targeting this mission, delegations from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan will convene in Singapore on January 15th, 2020, to launch an international partnership of synchrotrons. Our strategy is based on new radiology techniques combined with other advanced microscopies and achieve the desired throughput by parallel imaging at the participating facilities. The meeting will showcase the project to a broad audience using newly acquired experimental results from the participating facilities.