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Type:  Seminar
Date:  2023-12-08 13:00
Title:  (Un)Faithful neutrinos in search of dark matter
Venue:  online
Speaker:  Dr. Tarak Nath Maity
Institution:  Harish-Chandra Research Institute

In this talk, we will discuss the seemingly contradictory behavior of neutrinos in search of dark matter. In one scenario, we will demonstrate how low-energy (~MeV) solar neutrinos slow down the search for sub-GeV DM-electron scattering in electron recoil direct detection experiments. We will show that for DM-electron scattering mediated by heavy particles; Solar neutrino can hamper the search for DM in some well-motivated regions of parameter space. Conversely, we probe DM-electron scattering using high-energy (~5-1000 GeV) neutrinos produced from DM particles captured within the Sun via their interactions with electrons. Using the latest IceCube data, we obtained the strongest constraints for neutrino-rich final states in large regions of DM-electron scattering parameter space for DM mass ~10-10^5 GeV.

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2023-12-08 13:00Dr. Tarak Nath Maity(Un)Faithful neutrinos in search of dark matteronline
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