2024-06-28 14:00Dr. Ipsita RayTBAVirtual
2024-06-19 15:00Ouseph C.J.New Physics Search at the Forward Physics Facility of LHCP7F
2024-06-14 11:00Dr. Ishika PalitTBAP5A-1
2024-06-07 11:00Prof. C.J. David LinTBAP5A-1
2024-06-05 15:00Dr. Jessica SantiagoThe observer-dependence of the Hubble parameterP7F
2024-05-31 11:00Prof. Stephen ApplebyTBAP5A-1
2024-05-17 16:00Dr. Francesca CapelBeyond the null hypothesis: Physics-driven searches for astrophysical neutrino sourcesVirtual
2024-05-15 15:00Dr. Hsiang-nan LiWhy are neutrinos so light?P7F
2024-05-10 11:00Prof. Yi YinThe Emergence of Quark MatterVirtual
2024-05-03 11:00Dr. Michele SantagataThe hidden conformal symmetry of AdS2xS2 correlatorsP5A-1
2024-04-26 16:00Marc WinstelVirtual
2024-04-26 16:00Marc WinstelQuantum pion liquid in finite-density QCD? A tale in two actsVirtual
2024-04-17 15:00Prof. Bei-Lok HuFluctuations of Quantum Fields and Thermodynamics of SpacetimeP7F
2024-04-12 11:00Prof. Takashi SakoDawn of sub-PeV gamma-ray astronomy in the southern hemisphereVirtual
2024-04-10 15:00 Dr. Yi-Peng WuThe quantum-primordial-clock signals in R2 inflationP7F Seminar Room
2024-04-03 15:00Dr. Soumya BhattacharyyaFast flavor conversions at the edge of instabilityP7F Seminar Room
2024-03-29 11:00Dr. Leon Garcia de la VegaMassive neutrinos, dark matter and light dark gauge bosonsP7F
2024-03-27 15:00Dr. Dmitry Prokhorov Very-high-energy neutrinos and gamma rays from Seyfert galaxiesP7F Seminar Room
2024-03-20 15:00Dr. Geraint Evans Chiral anomaly induces superconducting baryon crystal, part 2: 3D crystalsP7F Seminar Room
2024-03-11 15:00Dr. Philipp GublerUnderstanding the generation of hadron masses from QCD and experimental dataP7F
2024-03-08 11:00Dr. Krishnakanta BhattacharyaBlack hole thermodynamics and fluid-gravity correspondence under conformal transformationP5A-1
2024-03-01 11:00Prof. Hoi-Lai YuFree theories in QFT and the initial state of the UniverseP5A-1
2024-02-02 11:00Dr. Hidefumi Matsuda(3+1)D classical Yang-Mills description of glasma in the initial stages of relativistic heavy-ion collisionsonline
2024-01-24 15:00Dr. Chia-Feng Chang[HETG Journal Club] Exploring Axion Physics: Insights into the Kinetic Misalignment Mechanism, Axion Strings, and Domain Walls (arXiv Papers: 2309.15920, 2307.10302, 2204.05434, 2107.14258, 2106.09746, 1911.11885, and 1910.04781)P7F Seminar Room
2024-01-19 11:00Prof. Chia-Hsien ShenFermionic Geometry for BSMP5A-1
2024-01-12 11:00Dr. Azumi SakaiHydrodynamic fluctuations in high-energy heavy-ion collisions online
2024-01-05 11:00Dr. Pin-Jung ChiuSearching for matter creation via neutrinoless double beta decayP5A-1