2018-12-26Takashi TomaProbing pseudo-Goldstone dark matterP7F
2018-12-25Hai-Bo YuSelf-Interacting Dark MatterP7F
2018-12-21Alan CornellUnification of gauge and Yukawa couplingsP7F
2018-12-13Igor ShovkovyCollective modes in chiral plasmas with dynamical electromagnetismP7F
2018-12-12Di-Lun YangChiral kinetic theory and quantum transport of chiral fluidsP7F
2018-12-07Wai-Yee KeungCP violating mode of the stoponium decay into ZhP7F
2018-11-30Stathes PaganisDiscovering new Physics with the SM Higgs fieldP7F
2018-11-21Hoi-Lai YuTime, Quantum Gravity and Lorentz SymmetryP7F
2018-11-16Chuan-Ren ChenNoncanonical fourth generation leptons and dark matterP7F
2018-11-14Mariam Bouhmadi-LópezThe late-time speed up of the Universe: from GR to modified gravityP7F
2018-11-07Hiroyuki UmeedaDirect CP violation in Kaon decay in the context of SU(2)_R imes SU(2)_L imes U(1)_{B-L} modelP7F
2018-11-02Giacomo CacciapagliaTwo Higgs doublet models emerging from composite Higgs dynamicsP7F
2018-10-26Spencer ChangNew Physics and the Higgs Trilinear CouplingP7F
2018-10-24Martin SpinrathDirect Detection Prospects for the Cosmic Neutrino Background and Other Cosmic RelicsP7F
2018-10-12Chia-Min LinInflation and the Swampland CriteriaP7F
2018-10-03Hsiang-nan LiNew CP violation in charm decaysP7F
2018-09-19Keiichi UmetsuTesting CDM Predictions with Galaxy Cluster Gravitational LensingP7F
2018-08-24Jubin ParkHiggs-boson-pair production H(→ bb)H(→ γγ) from gluon fusion at the HL-LHC and HL-100 TeV hadron colliderP7F
2018-08-08Po-Yan TsengMuon g-2 and rare top decays in variant axion modelsP7F
2018-07-27Yong-Zhong QianDid a Low-Mass Supernova Trigger the Formation of the Solar System? Clues from Stable Isotopes and Beryllium-10P7F
2018-07-13Yoshio KitadonoGauge-invariant-canonical and mechanical orbital-angular-momentum in Landau problem.P7F
2018-07-06Hsin-Chia ChengCoscattering/Coannihilation Dark Matter in a Fraternal Twin Higgs ModelP7F
2018-07-04Tse-Chun WangFlavour Symmetry at the Neutrino Oscillation FrontierP7F
2018-06-29Nabarun ChakrabartyExtended Higgs sectors, vacuum stability and related issuesP7F
2018-06-27Shih-Chieh HsuProbing Dark Universe at the LHCP7F
2018-06-14Chung KaoFlavor Changing Neutral Higgs Interactions with Top and Tau at Hadron Colliders P7F
2018-06-08Dimitrios GiataganasApplications of Holography to Strongly Coupled SystemsP7F
2018-05-23Chen ZhangSimplest Little Higgs Revisited: Hidden Mass Relation, Unitarity and NaturalnessP7F
2018-05-17Bei Lok HuFractal Spacetimes in Stochastic Gravity? -- from the Anomalous Diffusion and Correlation Hierarchy Perspectives.P7F
2018-05-11Gordon BaymThe golden era of neutron stars: from quarks in the interior to electromagnetic and gravitational radiation1st Floor (auditorium)
2018-05-04Teppei OKUMURAProbing physical boundaries of dark matter halos from cosmic density and velocity fieldsP7F
2018-04-20Bonnie FlemingNu Frontiers at Fermilab: The Fermilab Neutrino Program of Long and short Baseline neutrino physicsP7F
2018-04-18Kin-Wang NgReionization of the UniverseP7F
2018-04-13Otto KongParticle Dynamics on the Quantum SpacetimeP7F
2018-04-11Hoi-Lai YuGR as system of Second Class Constraints & Intrinsic Time Quantum GravityP7F
2018-03-28Jung-Tsung LiProbing The Supermassive Black Hole Formation At High Redshifts: gravitational radiation from the collapse of supermassive starsP7F
2018-03-23Reinard PrimulandoConstraining Dark Matter-Neutrino InteractionsP7F
2018-03-21Yong TianAcceleration Relation in Dark Matter ProblemP7F
2018-03-16Wei WangGluon quasi-parton distribution functionsP7F
2018-03-14Hsiang-Nan LiElectroweak factorizationP7F
2018-03-071234today seminar1234
2018-03-02Ken ChenThe First Billion Years of the Universe - Rising GalaxiesP7F
2018-02-23Cho, Hing-TongBlack hole quasinormal modesP7F
2018-02-09Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine Astrophysical probes of dark matter physics: Challenges and solutionsP7F
2018-02-02WAI-YEE KEUNGReappraisal of dark matter co-annihilating with a top or bottom partnerP7F
2018-01-31Jen-Tsung HsiangOpen Issues in Quantum ThermodynamicsP7F
2018-01-19Giovanna CottinLHC physics with displaced verticesP7F
2018-01-10Lawrence FordNegative Energy Density, Repulsive Gravity, and Analog ModelsP7F
2018-01-03Wei-Chih HuangImplications of lepton number violation on high-scale baryogenesis and dark matterP7F