Visa Information

For Overseas Participants

(Please apply your Visa as early as possible.)

Overseas participants should consult the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) for information about visa requirements for entry into Taiwan.

The lists of countries eligible for visa-exempt entry into Taiwan (PDF)

If you are not eligible for visa-exempt entry, please directly access the visa application computer system for completing your on-line visa application form. Also, you can click this link for the information of your nearest Taiwan ROC Embassies & Missions Abroad.

Kindly reminder:

  • Nationals from all foreign countries who are invited to attend international conferences, sporting events, trade fairs or other activities in Taiwan organized, co-organized or sponsored by ROC central government agencies are also eligible for an eVisa.( Nationals of North Korea only for the purpse of attending sports events are eligible for an eVisa.)
  • Please notice that the information you fill in online, including Surname, Given Name, Date of Birth, Passport No., Nationality and Sex, must completely match the information on your travel document; otherwise, your eVisa will be invalid.
  • Please be reminded that after your application form is completed and submitted online, you have to submit the printed form to the mission selected online within 30 days, otherwise it will be deleted automatically.

Should you need an invitation letter for visa application purpose pertaining to 2019 GWC Workshop, please contact Secretary Svetlana CY. Sam at

For Mainland Chinese Participants


If you are holding PRC's passport, you need to apply for「大陸地區人民入出臺灣地區許可證」(以下簡稱 「許可證」) prior to your entry to the country. It is encouraged that you should apply for your visa at least 3~4 months in advance of the School & Workshop.

應備文件 (含電子檔):


  • 申請書 (僅供秘書協助於「線上系統」登錄資料用)
  • 大頭照片、大陸地區居民身分證正反面,及護照電子檔
  • 保證書(需邀請單位用印)
  • 活動理由計畫書(需邀請單位用印)
  • 活動行程表(新版Excel格式)(需邀請單位用印)
  • 邀請函(需邀請單位用印)
  • 團體名冊(2人以上需填寫)
  • 申請人之職務證明文件 (3個月內開立用印之彩色職務證明正本)



  • 證照費用: 單次及逐次加簽入出境許可證:新臺幣615元 (含手續費)


  • 請詳細填寫申請資料 (編號1),需採用中文繁體字型 (請自行轉換簡體字型)。
  • 大頭照必須為最近半年內彩色白底照片,製成圖檔須裁切多餘空白處,臉部占整張圖檔約為三分之二面積,與所持居民身分證、通行證能辨識為同一人。
  • 申請者請備妥相關申請資料(須含編號1、2、7、8),並於截止日前EMAIL「主旨上請註明 : 申辦參加《重力波宇宙學學校暨研討會》入出台許可證之資料」大會秘書續辦,逾期不予受理
  • 辦理天數:如無須補件或特殊情況,7天至1個月。
  • 當您接獲臺灣移民署核可之電子台灣許可證後,便能續辦「大陸通行證」。除北京、上海等大城市外,其他地區申辦大通證的工作天數約需2個月或費時更久。


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