School Lecturers

Hsin-Yu Chen

Harvard University

The standard siren method and the latest results from LIGO-Virgo, and the future projections and challenges of the standard sirens.

Jai-chan Hwang

Kyungpook National University

Cosmological perturbations in inflation and expanding universe with emphases on the role of gravitational waves.

Guo-Chin Liu

Tamkang University

Detection of gravitational waves and data pipeline for compact binary coalescences and stochastic gravitational wave background.

Kin-Wang Ng

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Astrophysical and cosmological gravity-wave sources, primordial black holes, and cosmic microwave background anisotropy and polarization.

Atsushi Nishizawa

RESCEU, University of Tokyo

Various constraints on modified theories of gravity relevant to the cosmic accelerating expansion, propagation test, polarization test, and etc.


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