It is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to participate in the APCTP School/Workshop on Gravitational-Wave Cosmology which will be held on November 30 to December 4, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The school/workshop is an event of the APCTP cooperative external activity program. The school/workshop will concentrate on gravitational waves generated from inflation and other cosmological processes, as well as from compact binary mergers, and on their potential detections in cosmic microwave background B-polarization experiments and ground-based/space-borne gravity-wave detectors, as well as using gravitational-wave sources to do cosmological measurements.

The main purpose of the school/workshop is to provide a good opportunity for young scientists, master and PhD students coming from universities and institutes in the Asia-Pacific region to develop regional exchange activities, mutual understanding and cooperation, as well as stimulate scientific training and education.

The school/workshop will support students' travel expenses.

  • Cosmological perturbations in inflation and expanding universe
  • Astrophysical and cosmological gravity-wave sources
  • Black-hole and neutron-star mergers
  • Primordial black holes
  • Detection of gravitational waves and data pipeline
  • Standard sirens and the latest results from LIGO-Virgo
  • Tests of gravity and constraints on modified theories of gravity
  • Cosmic microwave background B-mode polarization


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