• Soft particles Sheared in 3D (SS3)

    Latest: Presentation by JC Tsai at APS-March2017(New Orleans, USA) http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR17/Session/R16.15


    我們建立了一個可以對顆粒系統施以往復剪應變 (shearing)的系統。在第一階段 , 我們將千餘顆直徑 1cm 大小的球狀凝膠(hydrogel),放進一對錐形邊界之間並填滿液體,將上錐來回旋轉,並記錄整個系統正向力與力矩隨時間的變化。同時,我們也採用內部攝影 (internal imaging)觀察材料裡面的動態。藉由研究軟顆粒在不同的體積百分率(Volume Fraction)下的行為 , 我們希望對流變學研究(rheology)貢獻新的觀點......"

    Online supplement @ http://www.phys.sinica.edu.tw/jctsai/relax
    周明叡's 2016 MS Thesis(NTU)

Developing Projects:

  • Granular Polymer in Virtual experiments (GPV)

--- Numerical simulations analogous to GPT
--- Minimal model: 1d, dashpot coupling
--- Spontaneous switching in GPT reproduced

  • Floating Disks with Circular driving (FDC)

    --- continuous driving [real-time video: setup in action]
    --- airbed eliminating substrate friction
    --- bi-refringent disks demonstrating "force chains, despite the air lifting"     [high-speed video, topview]

  • Hydro-dynamical Particle Synthesis (HPS)

    --- Production of soft spheres using interfacial instabilities
    --- Size and Elasticity adjustable
  • Soft Ball Dynamics (SBD)

    --- Microscopic experiments for deriving the intrinsic timescales of packed grains discovered in SS3.

To 暑期計劃學生:

We are particularly interested in hearing students' thoughts, opinions,or even tentative proposals regarding our ongoing projects. Please don't hesitate to include them in your application materials to help the selection committee have a better understanding about you. Feel free to stop by our lab and talk to us if you are interested.