Journal Papers (selected)

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Mentored Presentation by Students (selected)

黃柏嘉, 2015 Annual Meeting for the Division of Fluid Dynamics, American Physical Society (APS-DFD 2015), Boston, USA

"The horizontal motion of a short granular chain under vertical vibrations"

周明叡, Complex Systems Symposium 2015 , 清大理論中心 , Hsin-Chu , Taiwan

孫宇岑, APS-DFD 2014, San Francisco, USA
“Switch of states of a short chain in response to vibrations”

陶巧妤, APS-DFD 2014, San Francisco, USA
“Behind the Rotating Flattop: when vortex meets a deformable surface”

賴靜瑤, APS-DFD 2012, San Diego, USA
“Interfacial Instabilities in Torsional Flows”

林蔚廷, APS-DFD 2011, Baltimore, USA
“Scenarios on a rotating two-fluid interface with a density contrast - the morphology and the transitions”