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Lab Rotation

Lab-rotation is a helpful way for first year students to probe and understand their research interest, and decide their thesis advisor.

To select the labs to rotate, students can link to the website of our program, and look to the introduction of each faculty member. By the request of lab advisors, students may need to talk to them first before students are accepted to their laboratory.

Students can rotate through several labs, usually 2 to 3 labs, in one academic year. The length of each lab rotation is upon mutual agreement between the student and the lab advisor, but shall not exceed three months.

Upon completion of lab rotation, the lab advisor will evaluate the students’ performance by filling out and signing the Rotation Evaluation Form.

Lab Rotation Notice / Evaluation Form

  1. When accepted to the lab, fill up information (1) in the form. Make sure the avsior also sign.
  2. Return the form to the office.
  3. When the lab rotation is complete, this form will be given to the advisor again, and your performance will be evaluated (2).



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