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Academic System

The program emphasizes research training and developing one's self-reliance and self-confidence for independent work. In the Nano Science and Technology Program, faculty members will take turns to serve as mentors for entering students until the students have chosen their thesis advisors, which should take place within the first two semesters after their admission into the graduate program. The program adopts a team-teaching system, where each faculty member teaches the subject according to his or her expertise. Courses offered include some traditional core courses, elective courses, and special topics, as listed in the Course Program section. In keeping up with the international stature of the program, all courses will be offered in English.

General requirements for the Ph. D. Degree
(for detailed requirements of the specific department/university, link here)

(1) Course Work

Basically, during the first one-and-a-half or two years, students are advised to complete all courses as required by each Department. Students are also required to take a one-credit course on "Seminar and Research Discussion" during each semester of the first two academic years. In addition, it is the responsibility of the advisor to assist each student in formulating a program of study that will best satisfy his or her personal needs as well as fulfilling the graduate requirements.


(2) Selection of Research Advisor

Students are expected to identify a thesis advisor by the end of the first six months, but, in any case, no later than the first year of graduate study. Every incoming student is expected to become familiar with the research work of a number of laboratories before signing up for a specific faculty member. The process might involve attending a series of seminars on faculty research in the program, or a series of laboratory rotations. Although every effort will be made to honor the student's first or second choice of thesis advisor, the Graduate Study Committee of the program, taking into account of numerous factors, must approve the final selection of thesis advisor.

* Some faculty members have positions both as a research fellow at Academia Sinica, and also as a professor or joint professor in the respective department.

(3) Qualifying Written Examination

A student seeking admission to the Ph.D. candidacy must take a qualifying written examination according to the regulations of qualification examination of each Department. Students who fail to meet the requirement will be disqualified for staying in the Program.

(4) Qualifying Oral Examination

The oral examination, which is held after students pass their qualifying written examination, is based predominantly on a research proposition submitted by the student. However, before presenting the proposal to the examining committee, the student should be prepared to discuss with the committee members his or her research progress and plans for the thesis work, including relevant literature. Students who fail to meet the requirement will be disqualified for staying in the Program.

(5) Advancement to Candidacy

The criteria for advancement to candidacy include: (1) completing coursework and meeting the minimum credit requirement; (2) passing the qualifying examinations (both written and oral examinations) required by Department. Once a student has been advanced to candidacy, he or she will begin to devote full time to independent study and research on his or her thesis topic.

(6) Thesis Defense

A Ph.D. candidate defends his or her thesis research before a thesis committee. This defense will take the form of a thesis seminar followed by an oral examination on the research. The examination committee shall consist of faculty members familiar with the candidate's area of research. Some of the thesis examining committee must come from another institution.


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