The High Energy Theory Group, Institute of Physics (HETG, IoP) is located at the 7th floor in the physics new building. The ultimate goal of our group is to understand the fundamental structure of matter and the evolution of the Universe.

HETG IoP sponsors short-term workshops and longer-term programs, as well as hosting visiting scholars for long-term stays. 

For the information prior to 2018, please visit our old website: (access restricted to IoP IP).


Congratulations to Distinguished Research Fellow Dr. Hai-Yang Cheng was awarded the 《2020 台灣物理學會特殊貢獻獎》(Special Contribution Award of the Physical Society of Taiwan in 2020)

鄭海揚特聘研究員 榮獲 <2020 台灣物理學會特殊貢獻獎>