Name   Title Project Telephone E-mail Address
Wen-Chen Chang 章文箴 Associate Research Fellow SPring-8/LEPS; FNAL/E906; CERN/COMPASS-II 886-2-27896794
Takahiro Sawada 澤田崇広 Postdoctoral Research Fellow CERN/COMPASS-II 886-2-27898947
Shi-Hong Yao 姚錫泓 Research Assistant FNAL/E906 886-2-27898945
Shiuan-Hal Shiu (M) 許軒豪 Ph.D. Student (D6) FNAL/E906 886-2-27898945
Su-Yin Wang (M) 王素音 Ph.D. Student (D4) FNAL/E906 886-2-27898945
Chia-Yu Hsieh 謝佳諭 Ph.D. Student (D1) CERN/COMPASS-II 886-2-27898947

Name   Title Project E-mail Address
Rurng-Shang Guo 郭榮升 Professor @ Dep. of Phys., NKNU FNAL/E906
Ting-Hua Chang 張定華 Assistant Professor @ Dep. of IM, LTU FNAL/E906
Jia-Ye Chen 陳家益 Special Appointed Assistant Professor @ RCNP, Osaka U. SPring-8/LEPS(2)

Former Members
闕銘宏 蔡俊明 梁浩然 陳昱君 歐迪瑪 Dmitry Oshuev 陳式晶 林大龍 林伯儒 黃子軒
Kanaparti Surendra Babu

Summer Students
2006 吳靜涵、呂承穎 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU 2006 胡貝禎、李秀珍 From Dep. of Phys. SCU
2007 江柔婷蘇益弘 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU 2008 戴淑真 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU
2009 姚錫泓、蔡綉吟、謝佳諭 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU 2010 黃美菁、黃馨毅 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU
2011 黃峻祿、陳逸華 From Dep. of Phys., NKNU