Applied Optics (應用光學)

Main textbook: Lauterborn & Kurz, Coherent Optics - Fundamentals and Applications.
You may get the PDF file of this book through the IP address of your institute HERE

This is an introductory course for optics especially wave optics. This course is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students who finish university level courses of Electromagnetics, General Physics, and Applied or Engineering Mathematics. However, it is not required for strongly self-motivated one since all the basis for this book can be learned by oneself from online resources. Students will learn basic knowledge of wave equations, coherence, and interference. Afterward, students will learn a few topics in an entry level, such as Fourier Optics, Laser, Ultrafast Optics, Nonlinear Optics, and Fiber Optics. The introductory content will help students to decide if they would like to take the advanced course of each topics. Applications of each topics will be mentioned in this course.

Ch01 History of Optics
Ch02 The Main Areas of Optics
Ch03 Fundamentals of Wave Optics
Ch04 Coherence
Ch05 Multiple Beam Interference
Ch09 Fourier Optics
Ch10 The Laser
Ch11 Ultrafast Optics
Ch12 Nonlinear Optics
Ch13 Fiber Optics