Leptoquark search at the Forward Physics Facility

Kingman Cheung, Thong T. Q. Nguyen, C. J. Ouseph 2023 Phys. Rev. D 108 036014

In this study, we calculate the sensitivity reach on the vector leptoquark (LQ) U1 at the experiments proposed in Forward Physics Facility (FPF), including FASERv, FASERv2, FLArE (10 tons and 100 tons) using the neutrino-nucleon scattering. We cover a wide mass range of LQ mass: from 1 MeV to 10 TeV. The new result shows that the FLArE (100 tons) offers the best sensitivity to the LQ model. The sensitivity curves for all the experiments follow a similar pattern with weakened sensitivities with the increment of the LQ mass. We combine the sensitivities obtained from the neutral- and charged-current interactions of the neutrinos.