Black hole quasinormal modes and isospectrality in Deser-Woodard nonlocal gravity

Che-Yu Chen, Sohyun Park 2021 Physical Review D 103, 064029 (2021)  

We investigate the gravitational perturbations of the Schwarzschild black hole in the nonlocal gravity model recently proposed by Deser and Woodard. The analysis is performed in the localized version in which the nonlocal corrections are represented by some auxiliary scalar fields. We find that the nonlocal corrections do not affect the axial gravitational perturbations, and hence the axial modes are completely identical to those in general relativity (GR). However, the polar modes become different from their GR counterparts when the scalar fields are excited at the background level. In such a case the polar modes are sourced by an additional massless scalar mode and, as a result, the isospectrality between the axial and the polar modes breaks down. We also perform a similar analysis for the predecessor of this model and arrive at the same conclusion for it.