2024-05-17 16:00  Virtual

Beyond the null hypothesis: Physics-driven searches for astrophysical neutrino sources

Dr. Francesca Capel

Neutrino astronomy is in an exciting period, with the discovery of astrophysical neutrinos confirmed, but the search for their sources is still ongoing. Recent results show evidence for various possible sources, but few results have crossed the 5-sigma threshold, and the physical interpretation of these results remains challenging. In response to these difficulties, we propose a novel approach that combines advanced methods with the wealth of information from multi-messenger observations and theoretical models. Implementing these methods within a Bayesian framework offers a unique perspective on source discovery while enabling us to avoid pitfalls associated with trial factors. We demonstrate the impact of these methods through application to simulated data, considering relevant scenarios for sources and their populations. Our approach complements existing techniques while offering increased sensitivity and interpretability in the context of investigating specific physical models, potentially accelerating decisive discoveries.