2024-05-03 11:00  P5A-1

The hidden conformal symmetry of AdS2xS2 correlators

Dr. Michele Santagata

Correlators of a certain one-dimensional superconformal field theory dual to scattering of hypermultiplets in AdS2×S2 exhibit a hidden four-dimensional conformal symmetry which allows one to repackage all tree-level 4-point correlators into a single four-dimensional object corresponding to a contact diagram arising from a massless φ^4 theory in AdS2×S2. This theory serves as a toy model for IIB string theory in AdS5×S5 and is interesting in its own right because AdS2xS2 describes the near-horizon limit of extremal black holes in four dimensions.
In this talk, I will argue that all 4-point one-loop correlators, after acting with the SU(1,1)×SU(2) Casimir, can similarly be recast in terms of a four-dimensional function which arises from a one-loop scalar bubble diagram in AdS2xS2. Finally, I will present a new scalar effective field theory with a derivative interaction in AdS2×S2 whose Witten diagrams should directly reproduce 4-point correlators to all loops without acting with Casimirs.
The talk is based on a recent work (https://arxiv.org/abs/2312.15678) in collaboration with Paul Heslop and Arthur Lipstein.