2023-12-15 15:00  P5A-1

Isospin symmetry breaking in nuclear ground state–Phenomenological and QCD sum rule approach–

Dr. Tomoya Naito

The Isospin symmetry of nuclear interaction is slightly broken, which has not been considered in most works. Recently, we found that the isospin symmetry breaking (ISB) terms of nuclear interaction may give a non-negligible contribution to a parameter of symmetry energy of the nuclear equation of state. However, this contribution depends on the strength of the effective ISB interaction, which has been determined only by fitting to experimental data.
Recently, we proposed a method to pin down the strength of the charge symmetry breaking term, a part of the ISB interaction, based on the calculation obtained by the QCD sum rule. This interaction reproduces mass differences of mirror nuclei of N = Z +/- 1 nuclei.
In this talk, I will review the effective nuclear interaction and the ISB terms of nuclear interaction; then, I will show our recent results based on the phenomenological and the QCD sum rule approaches.

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