Join us

We always welcome motivated individuals who share our research interests to join our group.

The trainings we offer include (but not limited to):
(1) Condensed matter physics on novel materials.
(2) State-of-the-art scientific instrumentation and precision measurements
(3) Low temperature and vacuum techniques
(4) Scientific methods, career development and communication, which are helpful for those who'd like to pursue their career in either academy or industry.

What kinds of people are we looking for?
(1) Background in physics, electrical engineering, material science or related discipline.
(2) Intellectual curiosity and high level of personal motivation
(3) Interest and ability to carry out hand-on experiments
(4) Ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with other members.
(5) Great work ethic and time management
(6) Proficiency to communicate in English.

If you are interested in doing your thesis in our group, Dr. Chuang is part of Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) at Academia Sinica. The application deadline is at the end of March every year.

If you are an undergradate student and looking for the experience in a research lab, please check out the summer student program at our Institute. We usually do not offer such a position during the semester. However, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Chuang if you think you can work in the lab on the regular basis.

Postdoc or full time research assistant position might be available in our group, depending on the funding situation. If you wish to apply, please email your curriculum vitae to Dr. Tien-Ming Chuang for detail.

Current opening:

Tunneling Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica has an opening for full time research assistant (RA). The duty of RA is to participate our ongoing research projects and to assist general issues around the lab.