The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS)
TWAS MemberTWAS is a merit-based science academy. Only members can elect new members.Candidates for election as TWAS Fellows may work and live anywhere in the world, but if working and living in a developed country, they must also have distinguished themselves in efforts to promote science in developing countries.Other criteria for nomination of candidates are age (under 70 years at nomination) and membership in a well-established and recognized national science academy, if such a body exists in the candidates country.Only TWAS Members can nominate candidates for election, and each candidate must be proposed by two TWAS members. Blank nomination forms are available to TWAS Members only, either by download or upon request from the Executive Directors office.Nominations must be submitted by 31 March of each year. They are evaluated by Membership Advisory Committees (one for each membership section) and then submitted to the TWAS Council. The Council recommends a final list of candidates for election which is communicated to the Fellows attending the General Meeting. Candidates receiving the favourable vote by the majority of Fellows present at the General Meeting are elected.On average, up to 50 new Members are elected each year. Membership is for life.申請方式:推薦申請申請期限:每年03月31日截止 

物理所 獲獎名單

年度 得獎者
------- -------
2013 李世昌
2004 吳茂昆
2002 鄭天佐

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