International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers
Achievement in Asia Award (AAA) (Robert T. Poe Prize)NominationAn AAA candidate (either the individual or the team leader) should not exceed 50 years of age. The candidate should be nominated by a senior physicist/astronomer with the following supporting materials:1.A brief statement by the nominator describing the research work performed in Asia for which the candidate is nominated.2.A resume and a list of major publications of the candidate.3.Three letters of recommendation. 4.No more than three major publications (pdf format) of the research based on which the candidate is nominated.申請方式:推薦申請申請期限:每年約02月底至04月30日截止 

物理所 獲獎名單

年度 得獎者
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2006 李湘楠
1996 魏金明

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