IUPAP Young Scientist Medals in the field of Magnetism
此獎項每3年於International Conference on Magnetism.頒發。 候選人研究此領域的時間不得超過8年The IUPAP Young Scientist Medals in the field of magnetism are presentedevery three years, at the International Conference on Magnetism. One medal isawarded for theoretical/computational work and one other for experimental work.The nominated candidate must not have completed more than eight years ofresearch after their doctorate by the nomination date. This need not be acontinuous period, to allow for career breaks, military service, etc. A prize of$1,000 is awarded by IUPAP together with each medal. The medals cannot beshared between several candidates.The medal winners will be selected by a committee composed of the members ofthe IUPAP Magnetism Committee (C9), together with past recipients of theMagnetism Award. Nominations may be made by anyone with an interest in thefield.The nomination papers must include:– A citation of approximately 50 words.– Curriculum vitae of the candidate, which must not exceed two pages in length.– List of 6 of the candidate’s most significant publications, including citationinformation, not to exceed one page.– Commentary on the publications, which makes the case for the award, not toexceed two pages.– Letters of support, up to a maximum of five pages.The documents must be collated into a single pdf file called Surname_ysm.pdf,where Surname is the candidate’s name. The file must not exceed 2MB in size.Nominations not conforming to these rules cannot be accepted.申請方式:推薦申請申請期限:3年一次,約當年03月中為截止日,2012年申請截止日為03月15日 

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