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General Requirement: for NTHU-ESS Students

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

  • Department of Engineering and System Science (ESS)
General Requirement: Students enrolled in/before Fall 2007
General Requirement: Students Enrolled in/after Fall 2008 (updated 20111227)
General Requirement: Students Enrolled in/after Fall 2012
General Requirement (updated Oct 29, 2014)
General Requirement: Students Enrolled in/after Fall 2020  (updated May 27, 2020)

Regulations of Qualify Exam (updated on Nov 8, 2016)


Regulations of Qualify Exam (updated on Feb 17, 2023   )

  Regulations of Dissertation Preliminary Examination (amended on Jan 15, 2013)
NTHU "Education on Academic and Research Ethics" Course: required for all students enrolled in/after Fall 2015


  • Qualification Examination
written or by taking courses

See Regulations of Qualify Exam

Ph.D. Candidate:

About how to become a Ph.D. Candidate, here is the explanation based on each department's requirements:(2012/9/28)

    1. Fulfilled all courses and credits requirement for the Ph.D. graduate study
    2. Passed the PhD Qualification Exam
    3. Satisfied the English proficiency

  • Dissertation Preliminary Examination

before the end of third year of Ph.D. graduate study

*students enrolled before 2012 can follow either new rules or old rules
new rules - qualify written exam and dissertation preliminary exam
old rules - qualify written exam and oral exam


  • Related Forms
for all students

1. Lab Rotation Notice / Evaluation Form
2. Advisor Record Form
3. Change Advisor Form
4. Leave Sheet

Colloquium Forms
Colloquium Application Form
Colloquium Report Form
ESS Department's Record for Interview with Advisors
first year students of ESS Department should complete the interviews before the end of the first year of studies. After completing, submit this form the office
Courses and Research Plan

Application Form and guidance
should be submitted before the beginning of second year of graduate study

title of major and 2nd major, and course suggestion (update, 20161108);
title of major and 2nd major, and course suggestion: for TIGP-Nano students only
(update, 20161108)

Change of Course and Research Plan
Changing advisor or research topic

Qualification Written Exam

Application Form:

  1. taking the written exam, application form:
  2. exempting Ph.D. Qualification Exam by course-taking
    English version:  ; Chinese version:
  3. exempting Ph.D. Qualification Exam: for new students (submitted only at the beginning of the entrance of the program)
    English version: ; Chinese version:
Doctoral Dissertation Preliminary Examination

(1) when applying:

1) Application Form:
2) Committee Members Notification:
3) Transcript during Ph.D study

(2) on the exam day: Score Report:

Application for Direct Pursuit of PhD Degree

Application Form

students admitted with a B.S. degree should apply for direct admission to PhD program at the end of the first year study

PhD candidate

Students should submit the application for the Ph.D. degree exam (the final oral defense) six months after becoming a Ph.D. Candidate. Under a special
circumstance, the exam could be held earlier by submitting the application,
together with an explanation, to the Program Committee.

(modified 20140114)

Rules for Publication Reward

Rules and Application form new (20140819)

(stopped from 2016)

  1. application form new (20220810)
  2. on-line application
Documents for applying for the thesis defense: detailed see new (20140819)

  1. Thesis Defense Application Form (see above)
  2. Ph.D. Candidate Application Form of of National Tsing Hua University (print in NTHU system)
  3. transcript and proof of foreign language proficiency
  4. copies of publications
  5. thesis abstract and draft
  6. committee member list (1 copy) (print in NTHU system)
  7. Invitation for Members of Degree Examination Committee (print in NTHU system)
  8. Review and Approval Letter from Examination Committee (1 copy) (print in NTHU system)
  9. Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Advisor (1 copy, signed by the advisor) (print in NTHU system)
  10. blank thesis defense evaluation form (the same number as the committee members) (print in NTHU system)
  11. application form for first employed exam committee
some notes:
  • Submit the above-mentioned documents to the ESS Department at least 3 weeks before the thesis defense is held.
  • In addition to submitting the documents, students are also required to register on-line by accessing to their account in the Academic Information Systems of NTHU.
  • After completion of the thesis defense, please submit the copy of Review and Approval Letter from Examination Committee, Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Advisor, thesis defense evaluation form to the ESS Department.



  • Handbook and Travel Grant
Handbook for Foreign Staff/Visitors/Students in Academia Sinica
Student Conference Travel Grant


 Address: Institute of Physics , Academia Sinica , No.128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd. , Taipei 115 , Taiwan