Postdoctoral Research Associate in

Low Energy Neutrino Physics

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Taiwan RoC



The TEXONO Collaboration of the Institute of Physics at the Academia Sinica invites applications from outstanding scientists for Postdoctoral Research Associate positions to support and enhance its experimental programs. Visiting Scientist positions are also available for more senior candidates. Student Fellowships can also be arranged.


Academia Sinica is the leading basic research institution in Taiwan, and is made up of an increasingly international community of scholars. The Particle Physics experimental group has active participation in the high energy collider experiments at CDF(Fermilab) and ATLAS(CERN), in the search of anti-matter at the AMS experiment on the International Space Station, on the studies of low energy hadron physics at the LEPS experiment(SPring8), and on the GRID computing project.


The focus of the TEXONO collaboration is on low energy neutrino and astro-particle physics. Candidates are expected to taking a leading role in our development of large-mass 100-eV threshold detectors towards observations of neutrino-nucleus coherent scatterings, dark matter searches and neutrino magnetic moments studies.


Further details on these program can be located from links at .


Candidates from related fields are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will be granted an initial two-year appointment together with travel support. Applicants please submit their curriculum vitae and arrange to have three letters of reference sent to us. Applications and inquiries can be forwarded to:

Dr. Henry T. Wong

Institute of Physics

Academia Sinica

Taipei 11529

Taiwan RoC.

Tel.: 886-2-2789-6789

FAX: 886-2-2788-9828


Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. We particularly welcome candidates with international experience to apply.