The Physics of Active and Biological Systems group at Academia Sinica aims to understand the complex behavior of large functional molecules, soft matter, and living systems. This two-day workshop will provide the selected participants hands-on experiences with state-of-art techniques in soft matter, fluid and physical biology on the following scientific themes, in addition to guided tutorials from field experts.

Scientific themes will include physics of DNA, dynamics of bacteria cell division, patterned cell behavior, lab and virtual experiments on granular particles, brownian motion in complex fluids, rheology of soft materials, modeling and simulation for population dynamics.

This workshop is open for undergraduate, graduate or postdoc who are interested to learn physical approaches to complex systems. No specific background is required.

Workshop flyer

Application deadline: 2022/4/29

Contact us with any questions:

Dr. JC Tsai / jctsai@phys.sinica.edu.tw

Dr. Hong-Yan Shih / hongyan@gate.sinica.edu.tw

Cindy Rao / cindy14@gate.sinica.edu.tw

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