2021/10/28(Thu)     09:30 -11:00    五樓第一會議室5th Floor(1st meeting room)
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Correlation-induced triplet pairing superconductivity in graphene-based systems


周揚智博士 (University of Maryland)

Dr. Yang-Zhi Chou (University of Maryland)


Motivated by the possible non-spin-singlet superconductivity in the magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene experiment, I investigate the triplet-pairing superconductivity arising from a correlation-induced spin-fermion model of Dirac fermions with spin, valley and sublattice degrees of freedom. I find that the $f$-wave pairing is favored due to the valley-sublattice structure, and the superconducting state is time-reversal symmetric, fully gapped, and non-topological. With a small in-plane magnetic field, the superconducting state becomes partially polarized, and the transition temperature can be slightly enhanced. The results apply qualitatively to Dirac fermions for the triplet-pairing superconductivity in graphene-based systems, which is fundamentally distinct from triplet superconductivity in He-3 and ferromagnetic superconductors.



演講語言 (Language): in English