2021/09/17(Fri)     11:00 -12:00    一樓演講廳1st Floor(auditorium)


Dissecting the information loss paradox


蔣序文博士 (國立台灣大學梁次震中心)

Dr. Hsu-Wen Chiang (LeCosPA, National Taiwan University)


As a crowning achievement of the semi-classical analysis of black hole, the information loss paradox is often considered a gateway toward quantum gravity. The paradox suggests that while derived from quantum field theory in curved spacetime, the Hawking evaporation process inevitably leads to an enormous amount of entanglement entropy between an evaporated BH and the radiation it released, thus violating one or more of the following fundamental assumptions in modern physics: unitarity, locality, and general covariance. This description, however, is imprecise. We will analyze step by step the actual assumptions made during the deduction of, and given our current physical model, the necessary extension for the resolution of the paradox. Finally, the resulting mathematical constructs are related with popular models such as the soft hair proposal and the island conjecture.


演講語言 (Language): in English