2021/10/12(Tue)     15:00 -17:00    一樓演講廳1st Floor(auditorium)


Coherent micro- to macro-excitations in dusty plasmas: from cold liquid to acoustic wave turbulence


伊林院士 (國立中央大學物理系)

Academician Lin I (Department of Physics, National Central University)


The dusty plasma is composed of micro-meter size dusty particles suspending in the low pressure gaseous plasma background. The strong negative charging on dust particles (about 10 thousand electrons per dust particle) can turn the dusty plasma into a strongly coupled Coulomb system. It can be tuned to the solid, liquid, and gas states by properly controlling the operating parameter. The proper spatial and temporal scales (sub-mm interparticle distance and sub-second to a few tens of second time scale) make the dusty plasma a good platform to understand the generic structural and dynamical behaviors down to the microscopic discrete level through direct optical visualization. In this work, I will share with you our experimental studies on the structures and motions of multi-scale micro- to macro coherent excitations in the transitions from order to disorder, mainly for the cold liquid around freezing. The coherent excitations in the transition from the ordered plane dust acoustic wave to the wave turbulence in the gas state will also be briefly introduced.


演講語言 (Language): in Mandarin