2020/08/20(Thu)     11:00 -12:00    五樓第一會議室5th Floor(1st meeting room)


Spin Wave Injection and Propagation in a Magnetic Nanochannel from a Vortex Core


Dr. Tsun-Chun Chang

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica


Spin waves can be used as information carriers with low energy dissipation. The excitation and propagation of spin waves along reconfigurable magnonic circuits is the subject of much interest in the field of magnonic applications. Here we experimentally demonstrate an effective excitation of spin waves in reconfigurable magnetic textures at frequencies as high as 15 GHz and wavelengths as short as 80 nm from Ni80Fe20 (Py) nanodisk− film hybrid structures. Most importantly, we demonstrate these spin wave modes, which were previously confined within a nanodisk, can now couple to and propagate along a nanochannel formed by magnetic domain walls at zero magnetic bias field. The tunable high-frequency, short-wavelength, and propagating spin waves may play a vital role in energy efficient and programmable magnonic devices at the nanoscale.