Online Supplements for " Shear Flow and Relaxation of Soft Granular Particles at Controlled Volumes" ---

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  Demo movies: I(t) vs. I(t) - I(1.8s)

       --- collections of first 1.8s of Δoff only

φ=0.73; Shear rate=1.10s-1

φ=0.73; Shear rate=0.14s-1


φ=0.55; Shear rate=1.10s-1


φ=0.55; Shear rate=0.14s-1

     --- collections of {last 0.2s of Δon + first 1.8s of Δoff}

              φ=0.73; Shear rate=1.10 s-1

              φ=0.46; Shear rate=1.10 s-1

       (For all the experiments above, Δon*Shear rate= 0.4 * 13.7  and Δoff = 30s )