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High-Performance Photodetector and Angular-Dependent Random Lasing from Long-Chain Organic Diammonium Sandwiched 2D Hybrid Perovskite Non-Linear Optical Single Crystal

Post Date:2023-02-20

Dr. Raman Sankar and his group, in collaboration with Chi-Te Liang of Department of Physics, National Taiwan University (Taiwan) and Prof. Stela Canulescu at Department of Electrical and Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, investigated a stable centimeter-long 2D hybrid perovskite (N-MPDA)[PbBr4] single crystal using divalent N1-methylpropane-1,3-diammonium (N-MPDA) cation as an organic spacer. The as-grown single crystal exhibits stable optoelectronic performance, low threshold random lasing, and multi-photon luminescence/multi-harmonic generation. A photoconductive device fabricated using (N-MPDA)[PbBr4] single crystal exhibits an excellent photo responsivity (≈124 AW−1 at 405 nm) that is ≈4 orders of magnitudes higher than that of monovalent organic spacer-assisted 2D perovskites, such as (BA)2PbBr4 and (PEA)2PbBr4, and large specific detectivity (≈1012 Jones). As an optical gain media, the (N-MPDA)[PbBr4] single crystal exhibits a low threshold random lasing (≈6.5 μJ cm−2) with angular dependent narrow linewidth (≈0.1 nm) and high-quality factor (Q ≈ 2673). Based on these results, the outstanding optoelectronic merits of (N-MPDA)[PbBr4] single crystal will offer a high performance device and act as a dynamic material to construct stable future electronics and optoelectronic-based applications.


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