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A glimpse of Weyl-orbit quantum oscillations in Weyl metal SrRuO3

Post Date:2023-01-30

In a topological Weyl semimetal, the correspondence between bulk Weyl nodes and surface Fermi-arc states gives rise to a unique nonlocal cyclotron motion via the electron tunnelings between the top and bottom Fermi-arc surface states, which was referred to as the Weyl-orbit effect exhibiting an unusual thickness dependent quantum oscillations. In an international collaboration led by Dr. Wei-Li Lee’s group, such an unusual thickness dependent Weyl-orbit quantum oscillation was demonstrated in untwinned Weyl metal thin films of SrRuO3 grown by oxide molecular beam epitaxy facility at IoPAS. The quantum oscillations measurements with field up to 35 T were carried out at EMFL-Nijmegen in Netherlands in collaboration with Prof. Steffen Wiedmann’s group, and the rigorous band calculations were done by Prof. Wei-Cheng Lee’s group at SUNY Binghamton in USA. The high precision X-ray characterizations were performed at the NSRRC, Hsinchu in Taiwan in collaboration with Director Chia-Hung Hsu‘s group. The complete data and analyses have been recently published online at npj Quantum Materials ( Uddipta Kar and Dr. Akhilesh Singh are the first two authors with equal contributions and responsible for the quantum oscillation data analyses and also the growths and structural characterizations of the SrRuO3 thin films.

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