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QM Accelnet Science Exchange Program Applications

Post Date:2022-10-20

We are currently accepting applications for our two new Science Exchange Programs in the area of Quantum Materials! The Quantum Materials Postdoctoral Fellowship application closes November 15th, while the Quantum Materials Science Exchange application closes November 28th.

1).Quantum Materials Postdoctoral Fellowships

These are postdoctoral awards of $40,000 each. (Four one-time awards per year) These awards are designed to complement existing postdoctoral support, providing salary and benefits for a joint research project between two different network institutions (the "home" and the "host") of the QMAC. The award may be provided to home or host institution of the postdoc. The postdoctoral fellow will be expected to spend at least three months carrying out research at the host institution, away from their home institution. Applications from two career partners are welcome.

2).Quantum Materials Science Exchanges

These are awards, typically of about $4,000, to support short term (2-6 weeks) science exchanges between institutions of the network in different countries.

For both postdoctoral fellowships and science exchanges, we particularly encourage applications seeking to carry out new material syntheses and improvements in crystal quality of materials of particular interest. We also encourage applications from theorists seeking to embed in experimental groups or experimentalists seeking to visit theory groups to learn theoretical methods pertinent to their research.

For more details and further enquiries about these programs please consult the links below.
Detailed Description of Program:
Application Schedule:
(Application link can be found at the bottom of the Application Schedule.)

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