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Full electric field tuning of the nonreciprocal and nonlinear charge transport in massive chiral Fermions with trigonal warping

Post Date:2021-08-17

Recently, there are a number of interests for the non-reciprocal transport effect (NRTE) in non-centrosymmetric systems that may realize an intriguing possibility of current rectification via a single-phase material. Most of the reported single-phase systems with NRTE require a finite external magnetic field owing to the magneto-electric anisotropy term in the form of . Here, a full electric-field tuning of NRTE in dual-gated bilayer graphene (BLG) device was demonstrated in the absence of magnetic field by a team led by Dr. Wei-Li Lee, which originates from the unique massive chiral fermions with trigonal warping in a gapped BLG. The magnitude of NRTE is at maximum when the Fermi surface undergoes a Lifshitz transition near the band edges. Our findings may open up a new direction for the emerging fields of “valleytronics” and “twistronics”. The complete work has been published on Phys. Rev. Research.
(Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033160 (2021), link:


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