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2021 Best Research Paper Award for Junior Research Investigators Winners Announced

Post Date:2022-01-13

The Best Research Paper Award for Junior Research Investigators is established to encourage young scholars of the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica to pursue in-depth academic research and publish outstanding research papers. 2021 Best Research Paper Award was announced today, and each winner will be awarded with prizes and medals. The award winners and papers are listed below:

【Award Category: Postdoctoral Fellow】

Awardee: Dr. Che-Yu Chen (陳哲佑博士)
Paper: "Testing Loop Quantum Gravity from Observational Consequences of Nonsingular Rotating Black Holes", Physical Review Letters 126, 181301(2021-05)

Awardee: Dr. Chun-Hao Huang (黃俊豪博士)
Paper: "Pressure induced superconductivity in MnSe", Nature Communications , (2021-09)

【Award Category: Doctoral Student】

Awardee: Mr. Balchandar Navaneethan (巴強達先生)
Paper: "Novel Self-Directing Single-Polymer Jet Developing Layered-Like 3D Buckled Microfibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 9691-9701(2021-02)


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