2024 Best Research Paper Award for Junior Research Investigators Winners Announced

Post Date:2024-06-12

The Best Research Paper Award for Junior Research Investigators is established to encourage young scholars of the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica to pursue in-depth academic research and publish outstanding research papers. For this year (2024), a total of 11 applications were received, with 7 awarded. The list of winners is as follows:

【Award Category: Post-doctoral Fellow】
Awardee: Kar, Uddipta (烏狄達)
Paper: Nonlinear and Nonreciprocal Transport Effects in Untwinned Thin Films of Ferromagnetic Weyl Metal SrRuO3, Physical review X 14, 011022(2024-02)

Awardee: Ulaganathan, Rajesh Kumar (文洛杰)
Paper: High-Performance Photodetector and Angular-Dependent Random Lasing from Long-Chain Organic Diammonium Sandwiched 2D Hybrid Perovskite Non-Linear Optical Single Crystal, Advanced Functional Materials 33, 2214078(2023-04)

Awardee: Lin, Yen-Hsun (林彥勳)
Paper: Signatures of afterglows from light dark matter boosted by supernova neutrinos in current and future large underground detectors, Phys. Rev. D 108, 083013(2023-10)

【Award Category: Doctoral Student】
Awardee: Wu, Ting-Hsuan (吳亭萱)
Paper: Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics and Layer-Dependent Carrier Recombination Rate in InSe, Nanoscale 15, 3169-3176(2023-01)

Awardee: Chandrabhanu, Greeshma (陳季瑪)
Paper: Inverse Primakoff scattering for axionlike particle couplings, Physical Review D 108, (2023-08)

Awardee: Karuppiah, Stalin (司答林)
Paper: Ultrasensitive and Low-Cost Paper-Based Graphene Oxide Nanobiosensor for Monitoring Water-Borne Bacterial Contamination, ACS Sensors 6 (9), 3214-3223(2021-08)

【Award Category: Full-time Research Assistant】
Awardee: Hsiao, Yao (蕭堯)
Paper: Momentum-Dependent Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of Bonded Interface Layer at Charged Water Interfaces, Science Advances, (2023-04)


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