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Advanced Nanotechnology (A)

Credits: 3

Lecturers: Dr. Ke, Chung-Ting (course coordinator)

Classroom: P101, 1F, IoP

Class hour: Wednesday, 09:10-12:00, First class on February 15

Course information:

This class is aimed to offer physical basis of nanoscience. The lectures are composed of two parts. In lectures before the midterm (Part. I), we will examine the effect of dimensionality on various physical properties of nanoscale systems. We will cover Chapter 1~10 (except Chap 4) of the textbook by Natelson. After the midterm (Part II), we will review several key subjects in nanoscience and the most up-to-date progress. This class is designed for students with reasonable familiarity in solid-state physics and undergraduate-level quantum mechanics, but a brief review on solid-state physics will be given in the first two weeks to set a common background for students. At the end of the semester, students will apply the acquired knowledge to study recent research articles, and to present it to the audience at an understandable level.


Date Topic Instructor
2/15 Introduction and review Chung-Ting Ke
2/22 Charge transport review and nanoelectronics Chung-Ting Ke
3/01 Quantum transport Chen-Hsuan Hsu
3/08 APS March Meeting - No Class
3/15 Carbon-based nanomaterials Chung-Ting Ke
3/22 2D materials Chung-Ting Ke
3/29 Nano-optics Yu-Chieh Wen
4/05 Mid-term week (NTU)
4/12 Midterm exam Chung-Ting Ke
4/19 Magnetism and magnetoelectronics (1) Shang Fan Lee
4/26 Magnetism and magnetoelectronics (2) Shang Fan Lee
5/03 Magnetism and magnetoelectronics (3) Shang Fan Lee
5/10 Topological materials 1 Tien-Ming Chuang
5/17 Superconductivity and its applications Tien-Ming Chuang
5/24 Quantum Computation Chii-Dong Chen
5/31 Thermoelectricity in nanoscale systems Ou Min-Nan
6/07 Study group oral presentation (I) Chung-Ting Ke
6/14 Study group oral presentation (II) Chung-Ting Ke



Nanostructures and nanotechnology by Douglas Natelson, Cambridge University Press (2015)
eBook available (https://doi.org/10.1017/CBO9781139025485) if accessed from AS domain.


midterm 35%´╝îattendance 15% and final 50%